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  1. Hi All   Just moved to Bristol and wondered if there were any other yellows residing in this part of the country? Would be interested in doing lift shares and meeting up for sky games etc etc. Please post below or email me on pjbimbo@thenest-ncfc.co.uk   Cheers
  2. 3 Clubs in 18 months? Do you really want him that badly, cos I don''t?
  3. May I just say in The Nest''s defence that columnist rules are different to those of the forum and were clearly laid out in the guidelines before any of the offending comments were made. I don''t know why this information is being released on here tho as it was a private matter that was resolved and closed in private and is not for public consumption.
  4. Thanks for your interest Anderz its sounds very much as though you know at lot more than us on the subject and your post was not recieved in a disparaging way my friend. Our logo unfortunately doesn''t make any sense at present and is a replica of the dharma out line, but we would certainly welcome any input you could give us on that particular subject so we could make a meaningful and relevant logo for the future. Due to the nature of our site, which you will no doubt see soon, the level of interaction is quite high and we actively encourage all user comments and suggestions.
  5. Congratulations on your conection, you are indeed right the logo is based on ancient i-ching hexagrams like the Dharma Initiative logo, which I might add are certainly not exclusive to dharma or the lost creators. The art work of the swan would be perhaps be considered a breach of copyright but we don''t use that. In responce to ZLF the creators are Lost fans so the logo and orientation videos are spoofing the series and are in no way a reflection on our personal views on the club
  6. Hi All Its that time again...The latest and final promotional offering from the latest fansite. Check out the video here http://www.thenest-ncfc.co.uk/ Thanks again to all those who are already registered and to those who continue to help us test the site this week. We are still launching this Saturday so hopefullly see you all there. Thanks again for your time Pauly
  7. We stopped singing it when Burley left Ippo I think. I did hear it against Derby once tho when he was incharge there when we played them.
  8. From what i''ve heard the site will be fully functional from any PC you use, but the promotional videos required flash. So I guess theres no need to worry, and heres the link to register direct to avoid the flash:http://www.thenest-ncfc.co.uk/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=new_user
  9. Career Statistics ClubFromToFeeLeagueFA CupLeague CupOtherNorwich31/01/200630/04/2006£3,500,000 13(2) 8 0(0) 0 0(0) 0 0(0) 0 West Brom30/08/200430/01/2006£3,000,000 22(21) 12 3(1) 3 2(1) 2 0(0) 0 Morton22/01/200020/02/2000Loan 3(0) 2 1(0) 0 0(0) 0 0(0) 0 Cardiff01/08/199730/08/2004Apprentice 141(37) 85 11(2) 9 6(2) 10 5(1) 1 Totals £6,500,000 179(60) 107 15(3) 12 8(3) 12 5(1) 1 Goals / Game 0.44 0.66 1.09 0.16 Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Apps Goals Earnies career statistics would disagree with you! The guys a legend.
  10. [quote user="FatboySlimfast"] You protesters should be ashamed of yourselves, you make me sick.  [/quote] People like you make me sick. Trying to make those people feel guilty for having a differing opinion and outlook to you. Why do you people on this board insist on having this stupid "I''m a better supporter than you" argument all the time? It doesn''t happen on any other boards to this extend. We''re all bloody supports whether we protest or not. Whether we want Worthy in or out! We all have differing outlooks and ambitions and expectations. Does that make people better supporters? No it doesn''t. The people protesting have the right to do it, if its done in the right atitude without threats and intimidation. Likewise those who want him in are entitled to sing Worthys name and back him to the hilt. Never in my time supporting City have I seen fans at each others throat like I have this season. Let people do what they want. We''re all paying customers. We all support our team in our own individual ways. Not meaning to pick on you specifically but you and many others need to grow up. Question peoples opnionions yes,butquestioning their support. Surely your just trying to have a cheap dig. I know 5 year olds who act with more maturity!
  11. I didn''t sing otbc. I didn''t clap the players on either. Should I not bother going even tho I''m a ST holder who travels away aswell? I can''t muster the enthusiasm to sing and clap all the way through anymore atm. Its just sheer crap. Don''t judge people on the volume they make. Maybe the guy as muscular problems and has had a trachioctomy. Who are you to judge!
  12. [quote user="rocky marshall"]So 500 is a majority in relation to how many of 25,000 that didnt turn up but attend each week, even if added to the ''masses'' who couldn''t make it! Many would have benn there for good old nosiness and because they had nothing better to do![/quote]   Does it matter how many turned up? The fact is it was a cross section of support showing a massive majority in favour of a change!
  13. Newell would be my 1st choice too.   Plus I got a £20 bet with my Luton supporting mate that he''ll be our manager within a year!
  14. What the hell are you doing man? 4 posts old and your digging up a thread over 3 yrs old just to comment pmsl 
  15. Gret..He''s only about 56, crackin prospect if we could get him. Rings a bell tho mmmmmmmm Oh yeah! Graham Stuart ha ha
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