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  1. So you weren’t sad and/or annoyed to see Huckerby leave? If events at the club you supposedly support doesn’t trigger any form of emotional response (positive or negative) then I’d question whether you’re even really interested at all...
  2. It’s all if’s, but’s, and maybe’s but I’m pretty sure people will be feeling a tinge of regret if Webber departs at the end of the season and we’re left lingering in the in the bottom half of the Championship for a few years. I sincerely hope it proves to be the right decision by the club - but in the mean time I’m still sad to see Farke depart.
  3. I’m pretty sure everyone is aware that the decision to sack Farke was a roll of the dice in an attempt to avoid relegation. That doesn’t mean people can’t speculate over what the future may hold. We’re all obviously hoping the next manager is a massive success, but I can’t help but think we may end up regretting it.
  4. Sure it’s only a game and obviously it isn’t life or death... but supporting Norwich is unashamedly a massive part of my life. We’re turning the page on what has been one hell of a chapter, and I’m not entirely sure I was ready to turn that page. I can’t help but feel a little bit gutted.
  5. It feels like only yesterday he was galloping his German stallion all over the Championship. It feels like only yesterday I was sweating over the thought of the said stallion heading for pastures new. As I read the names of all the coaches linked to the post I’m struggling to muster up an ounce of excitement. When Worthington and the like departed I felt like time had well and truly run its course - with Farke, I feel like Guardiola could be the leading replacement candidate and my mind would still keep wandering back to what could’ve been. I’ve spent the past few weeks quietly questioning his ability, and deep down I knew it was only heading one way - yet I still couldn’t bring myself to call for his head. Carrow Road will never be the same without Farke’s flowing locks. Come back Daniel. PS. Anyone know of any local outlets selling a can of man up?
  6. Mario still would’ve offered more than PLM. At least Mario was comfortable in possession when teams came and pressed us high. PLM looks like he would rather not have the ball.
  7. Personally I struggle to see what system would suit him? As the attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1? Not for me. He’s like a poor mans Leroy Fer. Good physical attributes but in reality just average (at best) at everything, strolling through games offering very little 99% of the time.
  8. Is it the pre-season worldies? Is it the double-barrelled surname? Or is he just the pick of a bad bunch? Everywhere I look he seems to be at the heart of every fans “preferred midfield” and I’m struggling to understand the Lees-Melou love-in. IMO he’s weak in the challenge, poor positionally, looks uncomfortable picking up the ball in tight spaces, and rarely looks to drive forward with the ball. Jack of all trades, master of none comes to mind. What are Tettey and Mario up to these days? Both were far superior players.
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