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  1. On 27/10/2021 at 08:45, Jersey Canary said:

    I agree. 
    If it was me I’d play 4231 with Gilmore in the Stiepermann position with Cantwell coming on as sub in the second half. As I’ve said before the only way I see Cantwell adding to our season is by playing further up the pitch where he can do less damage to our defence.  

    Who is this Gilmore you keep mentioning? He sounds quite decent. Is he better than Gilmour?


    Is it Happy Gilmore? - as he could indeed play 'in the hole' 

  2. 8 hours ago, Tetteys Jig said:

    or maybe we were overrun there because we offered absolutely nothing going forward so Chelsea could more or less just not bother defend and add to the midfield numbers at leisure.

    Over-run because our midfield and forwards didn't close down the likes of Jorginho. Doesn't matter what formation you play, not fulfilling such basic things will always end up in defeat.

  3. 9 hours ago, robert choice said:

    This pitiful fan complacency is what took us down to League 1 not so long back. Don't think the same thing can't happen again.



    The fans caused that did they?

    I forgot that was the period in NCFC's history where we had a go at managing the club. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Big Vince said:

    I am now off to the bookies to collect my 4/7 winnings on the Everton game.

    Quite a tidy six-figure sum since I staked everything on the outcome.

    So the one thing I would like to congratulate Delia for - her failings are making me much richer.

    If it carries on like this I might have enough to launch a hostile takeover.

    ...should've just placed the bet online, saves the hassle of the trip and dealing with the cash.


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