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  1. Hello all, Just getting ifollow ready for the game today but just wanted to thank everyone here who has supported my Crowdfunder in recent weeks. It will make a massive difference and stands currently at £970. I have just over a week left to raise the last £30 and hit the magic £1k mark!! Would be special if City fans could help me do this.... https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/keep-the-heart-beating Hopefully we’ll have all three points in a few hours as well!! OTBC (was great hearing that chanted last week)
  2. Thanks Greavsy!! Nearly at £900 tonight so edging closer thanks to some generous donations! I put this together with my kids animation kit few nights back for social media. Four hours of f’n and blinding later, produced this (even got mini me in my City colours)....if it gets a few more quid as a result then it’s done it’s job! enjoy!!
  3. Cheers Lakey, we stumbled across the community and centre when visiting my Other half’s relatives!! It was just going to be a stop-over on the way to a safari park but having a lodge in the town of Katete you end up living the experience! Still remember it vividly after a kid asked me for some water! (and fact I was getting score updates from my mate in Norwich for the City home game v Watford!) Keeping in touch with the owner, times are tough but let’s hope things turn out better in 2020/2021 (including Norwich v Watford score!)
  4. Cheers for adding the link, appreciated! Gonna be a strange one that’s for sure but there’s been some good signings. If they can gel with the current squad and Tettey has one more vintage season in him, you never know, could have another bus parade round the city! (hopefully not socially distanced by then!) OTBC! ps - thanks to those who have already donated- is really appreciated
  5. Hello all, Being born in Norwich I’ve been a Canaries fan for as long as I can remember (Sutton Utd 8-0 stands out as one of my first games) and season ticket holder since the Playoff season in Cardiff!! Anyway, I ask all yellow fans if you’d support me with my Crowdfunder and help get it to at least the £1000 mark set at the start of the campaign. It was covered in the EDP a few weeks back and is to attempt to secure a Community Centre in Zambia which the local town of Katete is dependent. Since COVID-19 all income has stopped overnight and lives are now at risk. No amount is too little!! https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/norwich-family-plea-save-community-centre-zambia-1-6800838
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