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  1. Final call to all Norwich fans in the Brisbane region.


    The big (and first ever) meet of the Brisbane Canaries will be at the Pig & Whistle on Eagle Street at 9pm for the 9.45pm kick off against Man City.


    This is your chance to make history. Who do they all remember Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin? Well both but Buzz Aldrin is slightly less well known. So do the right thing and come to the first ever meet of the Brisbane Canaries to say "I was there" in the decades to come. Think about telling your great grandchildren as you perch in some kind of futuristic hover chair, "Yes, Amos, I remember back then, it was the year 2012 in the month of April, twas the first ever meet  of the Brisbane Canaries and it''s true what they all say, I was there."



  2. When the fixture list comes out and  there''s a live sky/fox match that starts at a reasonable(ish) time, like a UK early afternoon kick off then we could post a message here to arrange a meet up at the Pig & Whistle on Eagle Street. I reckon we could get 5 at the least!  

  3. The bigger the stadium the better in my opinion. Aim for 35,000 but build bit by bit.

    27,500+ vs Man U and Arsenal next season with the extra 1,000 seats and then we''e competing with Stoke and a third of Prem teams will hae lower attendances. A couple of years after that build on the City Stand and 31,000 + and then after that who knows.

    Who cares about glory hunters, the bigger the attendance the better. The biggest crowd I''ve been in at Carrow Road was the 28,001 against Ipswich in the ealry 80s but before that we had loads of attendances over 30,0000 and let''s all look forward to that in the near future!

  4. I''ve warmed towards Dean Ashton recently as he obviously has an affection towards Norwich and it seems he is more attached to the club post career than either Crewe or West Ham.

    I remember getting very angry at QPR about 5 or 6 seasons ago when we lost 3-0 and Dean Ashton turning to the crowd and with genuine concern asking for our support.

    When he left I thought stuff him but in reflection I don''t feel like that at all.

  5. My last two games before I emigrated to Australia was the 3-2 defeat against Forest and the FA Cup draw at Charlton under the dark days of Roeder.

    Now we thrash Ipswich 5-1 and are heading to the Premier League.

    I love you Norwich

    from Brisbane
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