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  1. This is me in my Gunners hat down Tooting Broadway on way for a cuppa Rosie Lee and a Ruby Murray wiv me ol china
  2. You’re a touchy bunch on here my name is Liam Brady. People call me Chippy. I am a Norwich City supporter. I am looking for tickets. I did not occur to me that Arsenal supporters come on here looking for tickets(in disguise)
  3. Thanks Paddycanary, sure if we don’t make the Arsenal game I’ll get him to one in the new year hopefully. Never saw Giles playing but saw Brady and Keane play in Landsdowne a few times (saw Keane play at Carrow Road also)..loved Brady and his flair but if Ireland could have one of them back in their prime I’d have Keano and jasus we could use him
  4. Thanks all , it was a genuine request from a genuine fan. I guess im looking in the wrong place. Anyway I hope to be at the game with the little lad I got him a City shirt for his birthday in October and mine will have Chippy written on the back
  5. Ahh it’s a fair cop guv, who’d have thought a football fans forum would remember Liam Chippy Brady..? Did you know the Twin Towers was an inside job organised by Elvis and the aliens from Area52? (Elvis was an American singer from 50s btw..)
  6. I’m overwhelmed with the welcome and helpfulness of my fellow Norwich City supporters. Thanks a lot.
  7. Plenty of tickets online for the away end if I was an Arsenal fan thanks very much.
  8. Actually I’m not an Arsenal fan , growing up in 70s Dublin with my name I was stuck with “Chippy” but happy really as he was Ireland’s most talented player ever. I lived in Norwich in early 90s during Mike Walker era and went to many games and have been a supporter every since I thought this might be a good place to find a ticket
  9. Hi all, I’m travelling in from Dublin and hoping to get tickets for Arsenal game for myself and my grandson (8) who lives in Norwich. It would be his first ever game any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Liam
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