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  1. [quote user="First Wizard"]

    [quote user="Gunn Revolution"]first Wizard. Please die.[/quote]

    Sadly karma dictates that childish remark is going to bounce back on you..........or worse, your family.[:(]

    [/quote]What a ridiculously ignorant retort.Shows you up for what you are, ''Wizard''.

  2. So, Old Robert, no-one screamed "w****r" amongst other things at Wes''s car on the corner before the alleged ''finger'' incident then?No-one chanted "you''re not fit to wear the shirt"?Ok, if you say so.For goodness sake - I''m actually glad that the only player who looked like real quality on the pitch on Saturday cared enough to get wound up by it. Shame he''s probably on his way out now then eh?

  3. What is it with this ignorant ''fans are all martyrs and can do no wrong'' mentality?I honestly don''t understand what some of you are after.You''re holding up as heroes a couple of idiots who ran on to the pitch on Saturday, demanding that the club show complete mercy and don''t ban them thus leaving the door open for any other numpty who sees fit to do the same, and slagging off a player for responding to childish behaviour by giving you the bird. Even complaining to the Chief Exec (who obviously has nothing else to do) that he did so. Last week I got told that Delia had given a ''tart'' reply to a question - some of the questions were rather on the tart side but that doesn''t matter does it? No, we''re the fans and we''re holier than thou!It''s pathetic. What extreme should this be taken to? What if Wes had complained about the people who were offering up the verbals and no doubt including a few gestures of their own?Bloody hell, no wonder society is going down the drain. Some think they can do and say whatever they want at any given time - either online or in the street - and it doesn''t matter because they''re "fans". Yet they''ll take offence at less dished out to them.There''s some serious growing up needed around here.

  4. No Butler, it was not a dig, sly or otherwise.I was just remarking that apparently TFA is a Chartered Management Accountant (in his bio) and would be surprised if he felt name calling and such was a decent way to talk to (or about) people in life outside of an internet forum.Personally I use the same rules of engagement in conversation whether I''m on here, down the pub, at the ground or at home. I don''t understand why any kind of social awareness has to fall away just because we''re typing on a messageboard.

  5. TFA, as this will be the last post of yours that I bother reading could you just answer me one question?Do you and your cronies all sit around virtually patting each other on the back when you come up with such phenomenally witty monikers for people?I''m dying to know.Actually, no, I''m not.Once again this forum descends into the kind of childish slagging and name-calling that a 7 year old would be ashamed of and completely devalues any reasonable discussion, debate or passion.You''re supposedly a grown man with qualifications (or so the NCISA site tells us). Isn''t it about time you acted like one?

  6. Well if he''s not mentally up for the trials and tribulations of a pro player at a well supported team that''s simply another concern to add to my (overflowing) bucket of concerns...Anyway, looking back to a quote from Gunny after the pre-season game at Selhurst I guess I''ll concede this one. They obviously just need a little more time to gel*Manager Bryan Gunn praised Theoklitos for his debut performance.He

    said: “Michael was excellent. I was sitting beside Ian Crook, and we

    were watching play at the other end but we could hear Michael talking

    to his defenders and shouting out instructions. That''s what we knew we

    were signing, someone to organise the back four and once that

    relationship builds between Michael and the defence, we''ll see more of

    what we saw tonight - clean sheets.”
    From Cuffley''s column 29/07/09 (ie less than 2 weeks ago)


  7. Sorry guys but the man is a professional footballer - paid good money to do his job.I know exactly what he meant and what I was saying was for a debut there was plenty of tougher opposition he could have faced in this league. Add to that the full house, ecstatic in their pre-match jubilations all ready to get behind the boys and all that malarky.Tough game? No. A tough game would have been a season opener at Elland Road with 400 away supporters being screamed down by the Leeds Utd throng. That''s tough. Not coming into Carrow Road after an unbeaten pre-season with confidence and fitness apparently peaking at just the right time.He''s got a lot to learn if he thinks that was tough.

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