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  1. [quote user="grrrr person"]

    I had a laugh, personally.

    Thought we played alright, and Sunderland were superb on the break. When the atmosphere did improve in the second half it wasn''t bad at all.

    Sat in my normal seat in the very empty Snakepit, and was surprised how few of the regulars there was. I even got told ''It''s only a game'' by some young lass sitting behind me, whilst i gave Andy Reid some stick. Made me laugh.

    Bloomin'' stewards though, nicking our inflatable ball... 

    [/quote]I didn''t see anyone walk away from the game on a low. We were always going to lose and it was obvious that Lambert was using the match to have a look at some of the squad. Had that been a league game it''s a whole different kettle of fish but against a PL side being able to have a laugh at the end made it fun in a strange way.Cody is making himself quite the cult hero and by god we need one of those to get behind every once in a while!Cam started a thread on here a while ago about the last time you enjoyed watching a game for what it was - I''ll add Monday night''s to my list.p.s. It''s always annoying when someone nicks your ball...[:P]

  2. On the original point of this post the advice I was given (which I didn''t ask for) by Mr Tilson when I suffered similar language and abusive behaviour in the street following his mate''s article in the EDP after the SCG/Cullum meeting, was to contact the police and Roger Munby and Neil Doncaster.I truly couldn''t see the point in wasting any of their time.I must say ''wifebeater'' is an odd accusation to throw at anyone though?

  3. Personally I''d just never start him but bring him on at 60/70 minutes. Wanting to sell him doesn''t make sense to me.There''s no doubt the midfield holds its shape better without him and we can''t really afford the 4-3-1-2 formation in this league that he demands. But it can work towards the end of the match when much of the hard work is done.Alternatively if he must start then a dedicated right winger is essential. WLY and all that...

  4. As I said after the Col U debacle, I cannot believe he was signed as a winger, or even to play on the right side of midfield.Surely now the only team for Saturday is:Rudd (if Alnwick''s injury looks as bad as it did from the ten feet I sat away from the tunnel)Smith (he''s played at RB as much as in CM for the kid''s team) - Askou (despite errors) - Doc (sorry but Nelson was worse!) - Drury (is he fit yet???)WLY - Adeyemi - Hughes - LappinHolt - CodyWe may have a big squad but there''s not many cherries in there!

  5. [quote user="cityangel"]

    [quote user="LQ"]Yep - there''s only one of me (I think?)Got fed up with the other site crashing and continually logging out as you were posting


    Thought I''d seen you on there a few times in August or is that a different LQ?


    [/quote]You really are getting quite dull, did you know that?It''s admission time obviously! Yes, I posted a question on Qs for the Club because I was unsure about the rules for international clearance. That was 2 posts (one to say thanks for the reply) on that day, pre-season.Next I joined in the match thread for the Brentford game and I may even have posted a couple of things in reply to some old friends.Gosh, I''m guilty as charged.Do you really have nothing better to do?Oh I know, how about you post something ''off topic'' in the wrong forum?No, I forgot. You''re a ''mod'' aren''t you.Want to have a go at me about something else? Don''t worry about it - I''ll only ignore you.

  6. Yep - there''s only one of me (I think?)Got fed up with the other site crashing and continually logging out as you were posting so I thought I''d make some new friends. As you''ve probably noticed it''s not going too well...[:P]Who were you on there? You can choose not to answer that if you like btw!

  7. Eh?Yes I was at that game. I just couldn''t remember off the top of my head how many we were up by when Cureton ''should'' have passed.Fortunately someone who did remember has let me know - it was at 5-0. All the more ridiculous that Grant should criticise Cureton for having a go. Anyone on a hat-trick would, surely?

  8. As far as I know you''re right, BG.There would be crush barriers and such to put up and the way the stand was constructed (for seating) doesn''t immediately lend itself to that without, as WAY says, a large expense.Having visited a few of the stadia you mention in Germany they do work because that''s how they were designed. But hey, you can also drink in view of the pitch out there - saving the situation where a few complete p*heads will try to down 2 pints in 15 minutes!

  9. [quote user="cityangel"]

    [quote user="LQ"][quote user="CANARYCHARGE"]All you ever actually do is come on here,and either pick fault or put up objections, that you know you will get a reaction to![/quote]Sorry, isn''t that what your Dad does?For anyone who doesn''t know, MTV/Hamster is Canary Charge''s father.



    How is that relevant Lisa, no-one has pointed out what name your hubby posts under?

    [/quote]My ''hubby'' doesn''t post on here.Does yours?

  10. [quote user="Andy Larkin"][quote user="Empty Mirror"]The two accounts aren''t mutually exclusive.   Gunn was still the Manager until this afternoon.   But he wanted to send out the same team as Saturday, including Theo, to "redeem themselves" on Tuesday.    Butterworth disagreed.    The Board effectively told Gunn he had to send out Butterworth''s team, with no Theo.  The 4-0 win thus did not strengthen Gunn, it weakend him.  The players made a point of congratulating Alnwick very publically after Yeovil, which shows what they thought.   Gunn''s days were numbered from that point.   The timing still requires some explanation.  We can only hope that they have a new man identified already and felt they had to get him now, before (for example) the Premiership gets underway and some other higher profile vacancy came along to tempt their man away, which would suggest a relatively high profile manager will be unveiled shortly.  [/quote]Thanking you sir… it saved me typing it all!

    [/quote]It''s all about the timing. It wasn''t Butters'' team and all the rest you can speculate on to your heart''s content.

  11. [quote user="Mello Yello"]

    [quote user="LQ"]It''s not just you, Matt.[url]http://www.pinkun.com/content/pinkun/blogs/lq-another-girl-another-planet.aspx[/url]


    all publicity is good publicity - isn''t that what they say?......

    Keep it up......You might yet get noticed by someone on the board of Directors..

    [/quote]I don''t need to try to get noticed, sunshine. I figure I''ve written it once so etc etcThanks for the bump though...[:P]

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