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  1. [quote user="Dean Coneys Arse"]Once we sell Clingan & Russell, the board can have another jolly. Won''t see a penny re-invested on the pitch.[/quote]When was the last jolly then?Tell me the last time any of the non-executive directors took anything out of NCFC and I''ll let you have that one.No?Blimey, I try not to be seen as sticking up for them but honestly - use facts please!!!

  2. Oh give over some of you!I rarely stick up for Archant but look at what they''re doing - Twitters from Lakey while he''s simultaneously trying to write an old fashioned report for half and full time; Pete on here updating things...New media and 24/7 news has made people want, want, want. Sometimes you just have to wait for a few minutes!Good on them for embracing the current technology as well as they have. In the old days (last year) you''d have to wait till 45 and 90 unless your mate was there with a mobile!

  3. [quote user="CANARYCHARGE"][quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="Branston Pickle"][quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]

     I bet all you lot who decided not to claim there rebate are feeling a little silly now??, you gullible fools,did you really think that this club would start spending money?

    They haven''t in any of the previous 3 years, why shoould they start now, should have taken your 70 quid!!

    [/quote] Hmm...it appears that it hasn''t occurred to you that if we don''t have funds, a possible large part of the reason for it is that £1.4m of potential cash has been taken out of the club by people - quite legitimately - taking their rebate. Smugly stating that more people should have taken the money can be turned round: had ferwer people taken it, it could be argued that we may have signed Lee and Dickinson by now - we just won''t ever know. We ST holders had a choice and made it; it really was not rocket science to realise that we might miss out on some players we wanted as a result. Does that make you feel happier?[/quote]

    In ''them'' we trust?.....Not bl**dy likely!....

    Why don''t you join your cohorts - and suggest a price increase of season tickets for Division 3 football?


    wait for it mello youll get picked up for saying division 3!!!  And ill pop to carrow road tomorrow,to give back the money,i think yoveil, millwall and exter is worth every penny![/quote]Why don''t you?And you may like to bear in mind that an equivalent ST to my £370 one at Millwall would cost you £425 (plus interest if you choose the installment plan...)That''s what Division 3 costs.

  4. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]

    [quote user="LQ"]Pete - how does this work for those of us who aren''t tempted to Twit?


    I think you can still see the updates without signing up by refreshing twitter.com/EDPchrislakey

    But, as soon as a goal goes in the scoreline will change on the post pinned to the top of the forum and there''ll be a half-time and full-time report on the sites.

    [/quote]Cheers Pete. I assumed you''d have to have an account.p.s. Tell him he''s not holding the phone high enough - all I can see is the back of some bloke''s head...

  5. [quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="LQ"]Give him my mobile number then and tell him to hold it up high...[/quote]Too................. many........................ jokes..............aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh..............head......................... exploding............................Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!BOOM!!![IMG]http://i28.tinypic.com/9acv9d.jpg[/IMG][/quote]Hey, I''ll set ''em up, you knock ''em in...[:P]Pete - how does this work for those of us who aren''t tempted to Twit?

  6. [quote user="singing canary"]if we spent that we would be shocked if this is the case.

    yet a team with gates of 3-4k compaired to our 18k gates can still outbid us still is a worrying concern considering brighton have not done anything really .[/quote]It''s more about how much money their owner has than gates.We need good gates to try to have an effect against the teams who have loaded benefactors. It''s swings and roundabouts.

  7. [quote user="Camuldonum"]

    [quote user="Sideshow Tim"]We need a statement from the club telling us what the hell is going on at our beloved football club. If the reports of Brighton outbidding us for Dickinson and winning with a bid of 100k then something is wrong. Please tell us why all of our signings have been free transfers, why we are not bidding sufficiently for our targets and why there are so many trialsts at the club which will end up costing zilch to buy. Is our club is in more crises financially than it''s letting on? WE WANT ANSWERS AND QUICKLY. COME ON MAKE A STATEMENT[/quote]


    Sorry to disappoint - and please don''t let it stop you - but Brighton have paid around £500k for the player with around £350k as a down payment and the rest on hire purchase.

    [/quote]Tsk!Don''t let the facts get in the way...They never have before!

  8. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="LQ"][quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"]

    [quote user="Its only my opinion"]prove it lol[/quote]

    Ok, for a game to be televised/screened anywhere it would require the presence of television cameras...

    [/quote]Bloomin'' heck Pete, couldn''t Archant have given Lakey a webcam when they put him on the plane?[8-)]


    Plane? Not likely!

    He does have a video camera on his phone but one thing at a time!

    [/quote]Give him my mobile number then and tell him to hold it up high...

  9. [quote user="First Wizard"]

    [quote user="LQ"].Just for info, Wizards ignorant comments are why I''m not posting here much anymore. I just can''t be bothered reading the pathetic retorts.


    Strange, you said the same thing on the Offy site about other posters on there before you quit, add hypocrite to the list Lisa!

    [/quote]How am I a hypocrite?Last time I looked at the offy site was a good 2 or 3 months ago.Anyway, point proved.

  10. [quote user="First Wizard"][quote user="John"][quote user="First Wizard"]

    [quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"]I demand you read your crap through before posting it![/quote]

    Jeez! even on a thread like this, someone wants to ruin it.

    [/quote]Some of us just don''t see a real need for it.[/quote]

    Fair enough John, buts why get personal? weaker people could quit this MB through that kind of reply.

    Myself? I won''t ever let the bastards win!

    [/quote]That''s classic!Coming from the bloke who has called me every name under the sun on here because of my opinions.Just for info, Wizards ignorant comments are why I''m not posting here much anymore. I just can''t be bothered reading the pathetic retorts.

  11. [quote user="IncH_HigH"][quote user="LQ"]Bloomin'' brilliant!Just when I was feeling all nice you bunch of woolly, Board loving apologists appear.Grrr...[:P]

    [/quote]You shouldn''t even be on here or at games, your a woman, arghhh who decided to let women gain an interest in football.[:P]Go and do some cooking[:D] I hear there''s a well known female cook round these here parts whos books will teach you how to do it.[;)][/quote]Pah!Anyway, you''re only an Inch High - I could crush you under my heels pal!!![:P]

  12. [quote user="JF"][quote user="ref89"]Despite the denial its flippin obvious what happened.The Turners urged her to come to an agreement with Cullum, she refused, they walked.

    [/quote]  Yep that is exactly what happened they wanted him on board and pushed it as far as they could until it became clear they were banging their heads against a brick wall.[/quote]That is completely without foundation and (as it happens) totally untrue.

  13. [quote user="yorkcanary"]I think they were trying to say that in their oppion, everyone has a right to their own oppion, but other people think that their oppion is the only oppion that counts and no one elses oppion matters.

    Thats my oppion anyway,

    Does anyone else have an oppion on this?[/quote]I have some onions if that helps?

  14. What tosh.Do you own anything in your own name Cluck? Anything - a house, a flat, a car, a fridge, a birdcage perhaps?How would you feel if someone came along and said "I''ll give you some new sandpaper for your pad but in exchange you''ll be my bird forever - squeak little bird, squeak..." Would you take that deal? Just for the sandpaper? Just cos you knew the people who looked at you every day would be happier?

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