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  1. You think thats mad read this.... http://www.efc-online.net/main.php?id=1612&date=2004-04-23 can you belive this guy?
  2. Maybe its just a moment of clarity after the binge and orgy of good football that was fed my way over christmas, but it''s just starting to sink in. We are top, worthy has got his second mom gong, hucks, the binmen, george burley is angry and the bbc are even starting to describe us as ''runaway leaders'' in there fa cup build up to the everton game... Crikey. I myself have banned the ''P'' word from friends and pub talk, but maybee its now okay to dream. 2004 lets hope its our year. OTBC
  3. If the hucks money is invested in other players then I will 100% support the board. If the board have decided ''chase style'' after a good win over the binmen that we are good enough then I will be cynical. We will make the top two or the playoffs without injuries but if we get hit by any setbacks on the treatment table then our squad is too damn small; I just hope that worthy and the board have a plan B, C and D lined up for hucks. I belive they do and now that hucks is going to sit in the man city reserves till 2006 I hope that there ambition is invested elsewhere. I 100% trust worthy in spending the wedge otbc
  4. Blast! Thats is it seriously?!? Worthy said in todays edp "There''s a press conference on Monday and whether Leon McKenzie is there or not we''ll have to wait and see, we''ll find out what the script is then - whether it is him or another player." Is it false hope? I doubt it. More likely we were in for someone and its all fallen through last minute, but hats off to Worthy for trying with the resources he has availible. Does anyone else also know of the talk that Delia has called a board meeting? It does sound like things are going on at carrow road. Still there is a sunnyside, a press conference for any new signing is miles better than a press conference with doomcaster harping on about our debts...
  5. Signed him from p''brgh for an unknown fee on a three year contract according to posh''s offical site. Intresting
  6. Keep the big man at Norwich as an academy coach to replace Adi Boothroyd. Someone for the youth to look up to, a club legend who''s goal scoring record has been tremendous. If he could transfer just some of his knowledge of the game on and off the pitch plus getting the ball in the net to the next generation of Jarvis'' then we would have a factory production line of tallent over at Colney in the comming years. Plus it shows us up as a nice good club who know how to thank our legends and show loyalty which is a competitive advatage when attracting new players, its good to be known as a club who look after their people. How many times have you seen a club cast a legend out to pastrue when they could have been a great coach for their youngsters? Arsenal and Adams for example. Steve Bull at Wolves... Gary M at Spurs...
  7. Take Easton instead? Fantastic! I would love it if Man City (or anyone) came in for Easton. What a coup if we got King Kev to take him as a make-weight for Hucks! The bloke is a headless chicken, who can''t tackle, head, pass or take free kicks or corners... Thank god that McVeigh finally got back on the left wing against palace I was starting to go nuts trying to understand the reason behind Easton getting games on the left as he brings nothing to our attacking or defensive play and is a total liability on the ball, nothing personal but the bloke is not up to divison one football, sorry. I just hope McVeigh bags one or two against Reading this evening so he''s in for a place against Wigan, we will need someone creative like him up north as all their attention will be on marking Huckerby out of the game and you can''t keep two good players down. otbc
  8. We can forget buying in div 1 with Taylor on his way to the city ground now added to the long list of missed targets. It is clear to see that we have the pulling and financial power of a mid table second division side, its that simple… Wednesday have the power to chase Becket despite 30million pounds of debt. Even Swindon can buy Mooney. It’s the old ‘speculate to accumulate’ and our board of directors have not got the balls to put their money where there mouth is. How is Worthington REALLY expected to find a ‘20 goal a season’ striker with less than 300k and maximum 5 grand a week in wages? No. It won’t happen. The five players who we now have missed out on are proof. So the only people who can have the finger pointed at them as the cause and reason for this striker crisis are the board; it’s not that its been a long hidden secret that Iwan has been ageing and is over the hill and needs replacing, so they must have been aware of this problem surfacing for years. Wake up Norwich.
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