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  1. Ok we are bottom of the table, the defence is leaky and Delia''s hit the bottle but are we really in a situation we can''t get out of? Palace are 6 points ahead so let''s say we need to be winning two more games than them and one draw between now and the end of the season. Here are the remaining fixtures :- Palace Chelsea v Crystal Palace, 15:00 - Can''t see any points here. Crystal Palace v Middlesbrough, 15:00 - One point at best. Everton v Crystal Palace, 15:00 - Everton to win Crystal Palace v Norwich, 15:00 - Must win for the Canaries! Blackburn v Crystal Palace, 19:45 - Palace to get at least a point Crystal Palace v Liverpool, 15:00 - Point at most Newcastle v Crystal Palace, 15:00 - No points here Crystal Palace v Southampton, 15:00 - Palace win Charlton v Crystal Palace, 15:00 - Draw So thats 7 points to Palace. So we need 13 (or 14 if we take into account goal difference) so here goes :- Bolton v Norwich, 15:00 - 1 point Arsenal v Norwich, 15:00 - Can''t see anything here. Helveg back. Norwich v Man Utd, 17:15 - If Palace can secure a point so can we. Bentley back. Crystal Palace v Norwich, 15:00 - Must win 3 points here. Norwich v Newcastle, 19:45 - 3 points Norwich v Charlton, 15:00 - 1 point Southampton v Norwich, 15:00 - 1 point Norwich v Birmingham, 15:00 - 3 points here Fulham v Norwich, 15:00 - 1 point. 14 points and up we stay. This of course assumes that WBA don''t make a late surge and Southampton don''t get any funny ideas about winning games!
  2. With the renewal of Iwan''s contract to be discussed after the end of the season could we have a tribute for the great man at the Crewe game? Black out a few teeth maybe?
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