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Missing again!

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Reading between the lines of comments, it seems that Saturday saw another poor performance. You have to go back to the Tottenham game for a decent performance, and Spurs were poor on the day and missed so many chances.

You might imagine that players who claim to be right behind the manager and who want to escape relegation for pride and for financial reasons would want to exert themselves. From my distance, when I read how many fouls we had committed, I assumed that we were at them, determined to get one point at least. How wrong can you be?

Why is it that we are going through the same lethargic, fearful period that we went through in the same period last year.?

Are they demoralised?

Are they confused?

Are they unhappy with the way they are asked to play, are they even told how they should play? Are they bemused?

You will notice that I have not mentioned the manger, except by implication. If they were uniformly bad, he would have gone by now, but the team has done enough until recently, with the occasional win to suggest that he is achieving something. I am not sure they have ever really looked like a strong Premiership team this season. Even some of the wins, WBA away, West Ham and Spurs at home, for instance, we gained largely because of other teams'' errors. We would be in a really sorry state right now without the underperformance of these three and perhaps others. With strikers who can''t score, defenders who continue to leak goals and a midfield which creates relatively little.

I want us to survive, but I wonder if we really are good enough, despite all the optimism last summer. If we are relegated, one positive thing, perhaps the only one, will be an opportunity to get rid of deadwood and find players and management with skill and determination to succeed.

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