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The board have destroyed the club!!!

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The boards lack of ambition and continued small/ little old norwich perspective is what has put this club in its current state. We have been on a downhill spiral for the past 3 or 4 years and Delia and the board are the only ones to blame. Money was not spent at the right time in the premeirship, we have sold countless quality players and signed rubbish to replace them, Built a stupid hotel, that we made £1 million from instead of a stand that we would of made much more from!. Delia had done a fantastic job up until the premeirship, but that was one step too far for her and our board. There negativity and perspective of the club is just all wrong! Maybe now we are going to be little old norwich and the board are getting what they want!

We are heading down and out of business and that is the boards fault. I expect we will enter administration before the end of he season!!!


The fans in the barclay (and anywhere else in the ground) today who were booing at the end, moaning at Marshall, should be ashamed to call themselves supporters!!All we can do for the remaining 12 games of the season is get behind the players 100% and hope we stay up. If some fans are going to struggle to get behind the players then I suggest you all stay at home because the players do not need you on their backs at this important stage of ncfc''s history! We nearly lost in the final few minutes because of the jeers coming from the crowd.

I for one leave my moaning and negative comments for when im out of the ground and never reflect them towards the players!! After all they''re the only ones that can save the club from relegation.

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