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Appoint a manager quickly/ Who are we putting in caretaker charge

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In my opinion something that is very important is that we appoint a manager asap. Last year it was a farce and i think it took us about a month to appoint Roeder while the team drifted further and further down the league. Probably getting one before the Barnsley game is a bit ambitious. But after the barnsley game we have a week and a bit off as its fa cup on the next saturday and ideally we need to appoint someone then. I would say that we need to try and get someone in by start of next week really. you have to remember we have no coaches now as stephenson and sadler(He lasted long) are both gone so we dont have basically any coaches and will probably have to use the academy coaches. And it cant last like that for too long.

Also just another quick question anyone got an idea of who we are putting in caretaker charge? Im guessing it will be either Bryan Gunn or Ricky Martin

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