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Why is it always Norwich's fault?

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And so some have said its ridiculous Fleming going to Wolves and are blaming Peter Grant/The Board and probably even the tea lady at Carrow Road for this.

Have those same people thought that perhaps a deal with Bournemouth was only thwarted (despite Norwich''s best hopes of any possible Hayter inclusion in the deal?) by the player himself or both Fleming and his agent once he/they got a sniff of interest from Wolves?  

I am surprised that no posters have blamed NCFC for the fact that Matthew Spring''s wife was pregnant given the nature of some of the continued ''blame'' messages that keep appearing here, can we give Delia and Peter Grant a break please?

Grant has got a goalkeeper, would apparantly have got a midfielder this week as well apart from that last minute change of mind, no doubt he has others on the horizon to make this team more like the one he would like to move things forward.

Lets just try and appreciate he is trying to do things eh?  


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