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Worthy seems to have developed an uncanny eye for players for whom the game just completely passes them by.

I have never seen a worse midfield performance than Etuhu gave us today.You cant blame him for the injury to Nowland - the ball was there to be won and Nowland certainly threw himself into the tackle.That aside , I cant actually remember him doing anything.

I still think Robinson comes into the passenger category - just doesnt get involved enough.

Colin , Brennan , Jarrett (when he appears) also do very little in terms of positive contribution.

You end up with 2 or 3 of these guys on the pitch at once and unless the other 8 or 9 are all firing , you end up with a performance like we saw today.None of the ''big guns'' had a decent game (Hucks,McV,Ashton) , Charlie tailed off after the interval and Flem had his least impressive game since Davenport left.

What today taught us is that if teams come here with a game plan and string 5 across the midfield , we do not have the guile to deal with it.

It also taught us that the Doc is by far our best player at present and that the next month without Safri will probably end up costing us a potential play off place...

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