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Paying for a lack of ivestment in decent defenders!

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Does anyone else feel that we are starting to pay the price for not investing in any decent up and coming defenders in the past few years. In my opinion I remember playing football and still do and as a forward nothing pleases you more than having an old slow player marking you! We have a defence full of experience (Davenport and shackell excluded) with no pace! This league is riddled with young, up and coming strikers with pace! I bet the opposition''s strikers are laughing there heads off at half time and saying "play me in over the top"? As a defence with no pace you tend to sit back to give yourself a yard thus sitting deeper and deeper as the opposition grows in confidence and brings the game to you! The worst thing is for a defence so full of experience why cant we clear our lines? Its like watching pinball, Norwich trying to clear the ball! Usually a team gets about 4 crosses in for we finally get it clear. Our defence has had no pace and youth for a long while now due to a lack of investment in young up and coming defenders to mark the young up and coming strikers! I feel that with all players fit it is time to give shackell and Davenport a chance. We have got nothing to lose as we do any way! We are conceding far to many goals and sitting far too deep!

To add to this we have no pace up front, Ashton is a great player but is not fast. We need a young pacey striker to play with him who will give the opposition something to think about! For the opposition at the moment we are far to readable! All we do is try and get crosses in which is usually done by the full backs who cant cross for toffee! What do these players do on a training ground? Does anyone else think they could put the ball into the box at least 8 out of 10 times? So why cant we? the amount of times a cross doesnt even get into the penalty box is discgaceful! Surely Jarvis should be given a chance to prove his undoubted potential? His scoring rate is phenominal in the first team!

Basically the team needs a major injection of youth and pace! Or we are in big trouble. The manager is clearly not a fan of youth and pace and would rather play all his old reliable mates? Have we not got rid of endless England managers over the years for doing this! Matt Le Tiss not playing for England was a shambles. My point is Worthington has played his favourites for far to long. We are approaching Custers last stand and he will try to go out fighting with his old mates its a natural human trait! The harsh truth is though that it is time for a change of the guard and fast! Mind you fast is a word we lack plenty of at Norwich at present!

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