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Does Worthy really not realise how frustrated the fans
are with the displays this season? he stated in the EEN on friday that it was "our duty to entertain" well if he calls our performance against Reading entertainment then i really fear for the future of our
club. To say we have been dissapointing this season is a major understatement, some supporters have got carried away with beating a very average Ipswich team
with only 10 men, I''m afraid the writing is on the wall Worthy will not see christmas as NCFC manager.
I for one am sick of hearing what a fantastic job he has done for us in previous seasons precisely what relevance has it got now? apart from the final eight
games of last season we were a total embarrasment and the board should have acted after the debacle at Fulham, I would suggest drafting in David Williams with immediate effect otherwise this season will be a total disaster.And before anyone jumps up and down
on the loyal supporter bandwagon I have been a season ticket holder for 25 years and can remember when we actually could play some entertaining football.OTBC

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