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More than half way

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to deal with our major defensive weakness - dealing with crosses into the box.

Djks is tall and deals pretty well with headers, Ruddy has generally become positive with crosses, and Klose played very well at Cardiff.

There remains the right side. Positioning and heading is not the strongest part of Pinto''s game, and Martin lacks an inch or two, although bravely jumping. I thought that the header which went straight to Ruddy involved a good shove against the captain.

Many people have doubts about Bennett, but does have the height.

I think that things are improving, as shown by more clean sheets, but the side has to reduce crosses from our left. Perhaps this will happen when the two Dutchmen are more fully fit. Away points are precious, but away goals not so easy, so if we are to prosper as we hope for the remainder of the season, we shall need to deal with high crosses.

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