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Why were Dorrans, Martin and Redmond picked? Dorians hasn''t impressed so far and isn''t a defensive midfielder, whereas Mulumbu is. Bennett has been one of our better defenders and I would have said should be ahead of both Bassong and Martin in the pecking order. Wisdom could possibly play at centre back if we have injuries and would be a better option than Martin. Redmond hasn''t offered much for a while, so I was surprised he was picked ahead of Jarvis and Ofoe.

It''s easy being wise after the event, but I said before the match who I would have picked in defence ie Pinto, Bennett, Klose and Olsson. If Klose isn''t 100% then I''d have had either Bennett and Bassong or Wisdom.

Brady was caught out of position on a few occasions and needs to be much more disciplined if he is played at full back but personally I think he''s better as a left winger, further up the pitch. I think his instincts are to attack, so I would play him on the wing. His pace helped us at the back several times but he''s not a natural defender.

I think it was either Martin or Brady who headed the ball back into the danger area at the end which led to the Liverpool winner, when it should have been headed out for a corner. That was the mistake of a poor defender and inexcusable.

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