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  1. Apart from having the benefit of a proven goalscorer in Defoe, Sam A as manager put great influence on organising the team and its defensive qualities to keep clean sheets. I can''t help feeling that some of The wasted transfer fees that Norwich paid could have been spent on a quality defensive coach to do the same for us . Which brings me to another point, what qualities did the back up management team give? A pity that Michael Phelan could not have stayed.

  2. The initial post on this message board and the reply of Evil Monkey sum up the situation perfectly. No-one wants to see the club where it is at the moment but this endless list of negative and sometimes personal posts makes it a message board that is predictable and not as interesting as it was. I know my own posts have not been as many as others -  by far in some cases - but it is a message board that I no longer look forward to read as I did. More rational arguments please.  

  3. And so some have said its ridiculous Fleming going to Wolves and are blaming Peter Grant/The Board and probably even the tea lady at Carrow Road for this.

    Have those same people thought that perhaps a deal with Bournemouth was only thwarted (despite Norwich''s best hopes of any possible Hayter inclusion in the deal?) by the player himself or both Fleming and his agent once he/they got a sniff of interest from Wolves?  

    I am surprised that no posters have blamed NCFC for the fact that Matthew Spring''s wife was pregnant given the nature of some of the continued ''blame'' messages that keep appearing here, can we give Delia and Peter Grant a break please?

    Grant has got a goalkeeper, would apparantly have got a midfielder this week as well apart from that last minute change of mind, no doubt he has others on the horizon to make this team more like the one he would like to move things forward.

    Lets just try and appreciate he is trying to do things eh?  


  4. It was not easy to play there today but this is no excuse for Shackell especially to not make more use of the ball when clearing the ball. Can''t more time be spent with him at Colney to improve his distribution rather than either a hoof up field, a mis skewed pass that goes nowhere, or a pass that goes straight to the opposition. He has been guilty of this all season. A pity, because otherwise heis a solid defensive player, even if he and Doherty have been caught out at times.

    I also agree with a previous post expressing concern over our crosses. Too many of these are wasted on a regular basis. Surely its not too much to expect the likes of Colin and Drury as well to improve in this respect?   


  5. The standard of the reserve league and the frequency of games means that the fringe players at Carrow Road are sitting around bereft of games.

    Why shouldn''t they then go to Kings Lynn for a period to keep in reasonable match practice? If I was one of them I would rather do this than play occasional reserve games at places no better than the ground facilities at The Walks. As well as being a good standard of football the nature of that league and the competitive nature will help toughen up the players on loan. 

    It seems to me that whatever Peter Grant tries to do he will get slated by posters on this website. Why not try out things like this? 



  6. It says a lot about our current position re playing strength when we rely on a 37 year old to be man of the match again playing both at the back for the majority of the game and then to switch to an effective target man.

    Lets hope for value for money January additions as well as Chadwick/Croft etc. Other than that I wonder if Ted MacDougall and Phil Boyer still have their boots? (For you younger ones these were significant players from the John Bond days of the 1970''s.........................if only! 

  7. I take issue with the comment made by Smudger that ''''greedy Delia takes another £2 million or £3 million on her investment in the club...........'''' if Earnshaw is sold.

    Such a ridiculous comment is one that has not really been thought out beforehand - she is hardly this, quite the opposite in fact. Or would he rather have some foreign somebody who doesn''t care two hoots about the club to be there?  


  8. Perhaps they are feeding us all that fat - after all we are canary supporters - so that our reserves are built up for the winter months - I am sure Bill Oddie would recommend it (for the true bird population anyway)!

    Seriously, I tried a hot dog and chips from the independant stall outside the Jarrold Stand on tuesday and thought that this in comparison was pretty good. Food for thought as they say for the rest of the season..............




  9. Good Post there Chicken, I agree with you and others that Colin has improved since Grant has been here - I think he has given Colin plenty of encouragement to go forward on overlaps etc. and will continue to impress this upon him. Under Worthy once he got over the half way line he seemed totally confused as to what to do with the ball and nothing resulted. If we can improve both his overlap play and also that of Drury''s then this will add another aspect to our game. Once they both get down the wing they have got to deliver the end product.

    As for Andy Hughes, I have said in an initial Post the other day that he did well when he played in Colin''s position saturday and believe the guy deserves a break (some fans seem to be doing this already). Yes his commitment is first class, a lot better than some of the others at times, and hopefully it is not too late for us to see what sort of player he really is. The pass for the goal at QPR for instance was excellent.  [:D]

  10. Two pretty average teams today and we scored from just about our only shot but............

    Man Of The Match was fully deserved today for Dion Dublin.

    Not only did he have an excellent game, the way he was marshalling the defence and intelligently using the ball when clearing from defence deserves mention. How many times have others just got rid only for the ball to come straight back again. Yes he is 37 years old but the football brain is very much there which is invaluable.

    A special mention for Andy Hughes. I thought his brief display at right back to replace Colin was good, he seemed to fit in there well.

    Grant''s post match comments were interesting and ones that I agreed with. Mention of high balls up to Earnie and giving the ball away by players who should know better in the first half. Lets hope he can put this right in the weeks/months to come by actions on the training pitch and/or activity in the loan/transfer market.  

  11. Here we are, surprise surprise and some people are criticising the appointment of Peter Grant already - and he is not even in the hot seat yet!

    The special phone in on Radio Norfolk this evening was a programme worth listening to with interesting comments made by Jon Day - editor of Y''Army in between the calls.

    This programme was by no means critical of the appointment and my initial view is that it could well be a good one. Malky Mackay also spoke well of Grant in a separate article this week and how he approves of his approach to the players in all respects.

    As for people arguing that we should have gone for a ''''Big Name'''' - who is to say they would have been any better? If Peter Grant came through the Interview with enthusiasm and plenty of impressive ideas etc. then fine. Better him than one or two others I can mention who were also being mentioned for the job. Ian Crook? he might not have been interested in the job anyway when it came down to it because of his commitments etc. down under.

    So, give the Guy a chance, don''t pre judge and get behind both him and the team. It is what everyone wants to see - a united and hopefully succesfull NCFC!    

  12. With people like Yellow Fever still going on about this not being the ''''end of the mission'''', I wonder what planet they are on?

    Nigel Worthington has gone, we should all be looking to the future and pulling together, not continuing this sometimes ridiculous chirade.

    Perhaps a look into the Dictionary for the definition of ''''Supporter'''' would help.............................................. 

  13. I think we can all definitely say thanks to Worthy for what he has done for the club and his composure and dignified actions this last week and today speak volumes for the man.

    It is a pity some of us ''supporters'' (and perhaps some of the players?) did not act with similar actions and I wonder how many are reflecting on the whole situation and asking ourselves if in some cases things went too far?

    I hope Nigel does find another good club - he is recognised as being a good manager - as witnessed by Steve Cotterills post match comments today in support of him. 

    No-one deserved such an ending from a club like Norwich.


  14. Well said Cantley and others supporting his viewpoint.

    I said in an earlier posting that The Internet is a wonderful thing but it does invite comments on message boards some of which are given without substantiation. 

    Even after a season which progressed/ended totally against what we all thought would happen, I know that I would much rather be supporting NCFC than some of these other clubs where, shall we say, members of The Board are of not the same ''quality'' as those we have at Carrow Road. Yes, some mistakes have been made - some of you will no doubt remember offence being taken at Mr Skippers remarks but as Cantley says, Delia is the best thing to happen to this club since the likes of Messrs South & Watling etc. I have always been impressed with Roger Munby as well so my sentiments extend to The Board as a whole.   

    Finally, please take 5 minutes to read the article in this weekend''s Pink - Un by Rick McEwen of Capital Canaries. A good article where some sensible points are made re the current situation and in particular the events of City Fans (?) last monday against QPR. Please, lets not wish upon ourselves to be like Wolves supporters.............


  15. Thank you in particular djb and Evil Monkey for your replies.

    Isn''t indicative of the whole situation at the moment, including messages posted on this message board, that I fully expected to be slagged off for my comments in my original posting? In fact I am surprised I have not got more such replies, bearing in mind the nature of some of the other things we have witnessed by people who seem all to ready to disagree with others who do not follow their opinions.

    I would like to think that I have tried to put forward sensible points in my previous postings, but of course this is for others to judge. I did in the opening message to this post give an opinion as ''Ridiculous'' and for the benefit of rossi 46 I will try and expand further. Ridiculous is a word I chose but it could have been another to describe my own viewpoint.

    I think that wherever possible we should base our feelings/opinions on foundation wherever possible and not jump to conclusions. Yes, one foundation is the very disappointing season we have witnessed and I would guess that even the most ardent Worthy fan would agree this. However, I cannot see how ''getting rid of Delia'' would help the situation - she alone does not make the decisions. I still maintain that her and the rest of The Board are no fools and together we must respect the decisions they are making - publicly to us all and privately behind the scenes - for the good of the Football Club. They will make the right decisions. I am not being naive and repeat that it is the Club that we are supporting. Yes, supporters are an important part of any Football Club, but if they listened and acted upon literally everything that we said then where would we be?

    I would be interested as well for anyone connected with the Independant Supporters Association who might be reading these postings to comment on whether they see this constant bickering and unrest (including the events of last monday''s game) to be in the long term interest of the Club and the direction it is heading. Did they foresee all of this when they originally agreed their actions and called their St Andrews Hall meeting?

    As for the Internet, it is a wonderful thing but it does provide a medium for all of this to be banded around more than in the old days when I was a boy etc.! Progress eh?  



  16. I have only one thing to say about postings on this message board saying we should get rid of Delia,  and that Hucks is sounding like Worthy every day etc.


    People ought to think about how far they go when putting forward their opinions and damaging statements including chanting at home games as we saw monday.

    Why don''t we all give this all a rest now and see what happens in the summer re next season.

    Quite frankly I am tired of reading/hearing the same old arguments - my feelings having been brought to a head by the scenes witnessed on monday during the game. The booing of one of our players, whatever some might think of him was totally out of order. 

    This is not a war, ''''them against us'''' - it is all about supporting our CLUB as a whole. This is not the first time I have witnessed a disappointing season since I started going to Carrow Road in 1968 and it will probably not be the last. Yes, we all want success and for them to do well but people can overstep the mark when trying to get the team to achieve this.

    There are players in our team that thrive on confidence. This includes reactions from the crowd. No wonder Hucks was mystified over mondays chanting etc. I believe a fair proportion of the crowd were as well.




  17. I have nothing against those that have registered their feelings through protests or via email postings etc or indeed direct letters to the Club. We must respect that we all have opinions as to what we see happening to our club and all have reasons for it.

    However, today saw chanting that I do not think was necessary. Yes Worthy might have a thick skin but I bet for most of the players, this was the first time they have played under such unsettling circumstances. I sit in the Jarrold Stand and noticed Safri sitting there for the whole game. Whilst he has said he appreciates the way the crowd have reacted to him, he probably thought quite the opposite when thinking of his team mates on the pitch.

    What I am saying is that there is a time and a place for everything and the feelings of today should not be expressed in the ground to such a degree. 


  18. Is it any coincidence that the substitutions of JJ and McVeigh had a part in the goals?

    Jarvis (tried hard) and Hughes (being asked to play in yet another position, part way through a game) were replaced so that we could put them both on, but they both made a bit of difference and if I recall correctly, each had a hand in two of the goals.

    We cannot have it all ways. To try someone like Jarvis up front means less experience (and movement) between them and consequent lack of understanding of each others play. How many times (as Foggo says) did we play the ball sqaure or back - loads of times. The reason? The lack of movement up front (or in midfield).

    The introduction of the two substitutes meant more experienced players had the opportunity to do something.   

  19. He has my vote for Player Of The Year.

    He has shown more commitment than the others, his play is exciting (even if sometimes not everything comes off) and this season did not use his illness as an excuse in the first part of the season. In 2006 he has easily been our best player and in recent weeks his form has been tip top.

    A pity others do not follow his or Leon''s example on the field. He is worth the admission money any day.......     


  20. How many of you were surprised to hear these post match comments (or have we all got used to this by now?) especially when throughout Neil Adams had been saying what a terrible game it was - from both teams. Roll on the end of the season.

    Those 500 or so supporters who made another long trip up the M6 deserve a medal, or at least are more deserving of an end of season award than whoever wins ''Player of The Year''. Such dedication from all the away support this season has been tremendous.

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