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  1. Why do you have to start a thread about the fact you didn''t go to the game?? I also worked today and we both obviously have an internet connection to see how the game was played and don''t tell me you didn''t know the score!!!!

    Plus if you weren''t able to see the score at work you would have seen it when u signed in and seen how we played!

    Oh please give me some attention!!

  2. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán "]What about the soldiers that lose their lives or limbs on peanuts a week\month, yet that chimp get 300k it''s ridiculous and imo sums up exactly what''s wrong with today''s society. These lads can''t even get decent rehabilitation in this country yet 1 month of that chimps wages would make a massive difference. At the end of the day he owns his house outright etc so it''s 300k a week to w*nk up the wall on 3grand bottles of champagne and taking little old ladies to hotel rooms to "check out their bus passes"[/quote]I can tell you, from first hand, that the rehabilitation that the military offers after injury is world class.[/quote]

    Care to expand???

  3. [quote user="morty"][quote user="slartyblartfast"]But just to pick you up on one thing Morty a lot of F1 drivers are paid through sponsorship deals and they actually bring the money into the teams from elsewhere.[/quote]You''re kinda clutching at straws a bit here now[;)][/quote]

    No far from it! Also those blokes literally risk their lives in the name of entertainment/sport! Rooney et all far from risk their lives every week!

    So no, no straw clutching at straws here, perhaps you could have used a better example, son!


  4. Of course it is! If we continue to pay totally over inflated wages to players where do you think the money for this is going to come from! Increased prices across the board from merchandising to tickets to your half time cup of bovril!, and seeing as TV is the major source of revenue for the Prem when contracts for the rights are renegotiated the clubs will demand more money! This will then be recouped thru increased subscriptions!

  5. OT I know but its being stated in the media that Wayne Rooney is going to sign a new 5.5 year contract at Manure for £300,000 a WEEK!

    That''s 15.8 m per year or close to £86 m all told!!! Irrespective of how talented or not he is this is just ridiculous, players receiving these types of salaries will only make it more expensive to the ordinary supporter to watch the games be it either at the grounds or on TV!

    There really needs to be more control over these types of issues which are really ruining the game for the average punter!!

    Rant Over!

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