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  1. I know more teams are now playing the diamond but they are still in the minority and not many play it well. It is a difficult formation to play well and difficult to defend when played well. If that makes sense. I think we play it well for the most part "so why try to mend something that ain''t broken." The players are familiar with the diamond too so I think we will start off playing the diamond (especially at home) and see how it goes. Knowing Paul Lambert he will soon access it''s efficiency and change to a different formation if and when required.

  2. Check the wikipedia definitions of "On The Ball" @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_ball . It shows that it has been TV programs, computer games, films etc one of which was Australian also with green and yellow. Who can forget all those years of ITV''s "On The Ball" where many a Norwich game has been shown. So in my opinion apart from using the Norwich club crest the club have no copytight on the words "On The Ball" or the colours green and yellow. Just change the label from the club crest to something else and continue to brew the beer
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