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  1. Although he would be a cracking signing - £12mill+ for a player that is 30 in 2 weeks is a huge amount of money even in this day and age.

    You cant blame the club for being reluctant, hopefully they will release the purse strings for Assombalonga who should have more years in him and wont retire or leave on a free in a couple of years

  2. [quote user="Thecanaryfan"][quote user="Dave"]I work at Springwood High School where he went.

    Therr are several cuttings regarding him around, hes had a few trials with British clubs in MLS close season and none have ever worked for him.[/quote]
    Is he a supporter by chance?

    Of NCFC?

  3. [quote user="93vintage"]Some people might crow about player sales and financial problems under Chase, but at least we never ended up fielding a team of stuffed with loanees and almost going out of business as we did under the current owners.Yes, Chase was a bad character and hit major cash-flow problems through over-expanding the club''s infrastructure and poor debt management. But in between his exit and the arrival of McNally/Bowkett things eventually got much worse, leading to near bankruptcy in 2009 and having to virtually buy a whole new team.[/quote]

    Are you serious - "Chase didnt run a club that almost went out of business" Where were you on 21st March 1996 wherr thanks to his dodgy business dealings and money being pocketed by his family firm doing over priced building work on CR we were minutes from going out of business.

    An issue that took well over 15 years to put right.

    Your right about the academy in someways but those we did produce would have been out the door a lot quicker had Chase been around.

  4. lets compare shall we

    Chases Sales

    Watson - Sold for big money at the time no swuad investment lined chases pocket

    Woods - Sold for big money at the time no squad investment lined chases pocket

    Bruce -Sold for big money at the time no squad investment lined chases pocket

    Phelan -Sold for big money at the time no squad investment lined chases pocket

    Townsend - Sold for big money at the time no squad investment lined chases pocket

    Fleck - wanted out actually spent half on replacement rest lined chases pocket

    Gordon- sold for big money at the time no squad investment lined chases pocket

    Sutton - sold for record 5 million replacement cost 800k rest lined chases pocket

    Fox - About 10% spent on replacement rest lined chases pocket

    Delia Sales

    Eadie - Sold to help balance books thanks to the mess chase left us in - got a good fee for someone on treatment table on regular basis

    Bellamy - Sold to help balance books thanks to the mess chase left us in

    Ashton - Pretty much forced his way out after it was obvious we wouldnt get promoted

    Earnshaw - Had release clause in contract thst he could move to above division

    Green - wanted out to go to prem and further England ambitions contract was running down and he wouldnt have signed another

    Snodgrass - wanted to stay in prem wanted out

    Johnson - ok that will always be a mystery i''ll give you that one

    Grabban - Wanted out and was pretty cr@p to be honest cracking fee received

    Redmond - Loyal to us in 1st relegation, wanted out in 2nd wasnt always a starter so not a bad sale

  5. This negativity is getting beyond a joke.

    Lets look at some of the points

    Taking up players extra years on contracts - ok some of them are not regulars but it doesn''t always mean they will stay, but we could command a fee for them.

    Current squad - apart from released players No one has left and nobody has come in yet, and nobody is likely to until after Euro 2016. Ok we have weaknesses but there is plenty of time to address these and these negotiations are probably already happening.

    Jerome and Whits contracts - Both players may not cut it in the Prem but both are good championship players and could easily help us get us promoted. There are many players in this category, of we get promoted again chances are they may be sold.

    South stand sponsorship - Its an income for the club at the end of the day. The new sponsor could actually be considered bigger than Jarrold as they have branches nationwide. The stand sponsor really does not matter as outside Carrow Road it will hardly be mentioned.

    New shirt sponsor - We don''t know who it is yet, the actual amount we received from Aviva was tiny compared to many clubs that were in the prem last season, including clubs who could be considered the same size as us.

    New Chief Exec - I would rather they take their time and get the right man/woman rather than rush an appointment and we end up with another Neil Doncaster.

    Come on people lets get behind the club and not keep showing these negative vibes.