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  1. I have to agree with you on the most part Canaryfan.

    Yes, I think Lambert missed a trick in not getting at least one out and out centre back. Some argue that De Laet is here for that purpose, and in all probability that is the case. However what is his strongest position?? From what I can see, he is more a young, promising defender who is more of a utility player that can fill in anywhere across the back line rather than having mastered one particular role within the defence. Great if it works out and he blossoms for us, but I''m not sure that having him at the heart of the defence whilst still learning the game and trying to develop himself will necessarily work out. I pray it does.

    Yes we may have spent more than at any other point up until now, but in theory we should still have had plenty left in the way of funds, by my reckoning around at least another 5-7mill including any surplus to be kept aside for January. I''m sure we could''ve put this towards a centre back with a bit of nous and experience, to provide at least strong competition.

    We need a leader in that back line . . . although very good defenders at championship level, our lot are so far unproven at prem level, they may excel, they may not. No one in particular stands out as a natural leader. Maybe Barnett can take the role up . . . but when they lack that experience, a bit of guidance can go a long way to improving them not only as individuals, but collectively as a defensive unit. I think someone like Matthew Upson would''ve been ideal in that respect. And yes, wages might''ve been a stumbling block, but I feel it would have been a wise investment by PL. Certainly a much better investment than the "vastly experienced Prem signing" than Simon Charlton was.

    Or maybe even Roger Johnson . . . yes 7mill was a lot of money, but why not . . . the money is there, and if Wolves could sign him, I don''t see why we couldn''t. What a statement of intent that would''ve been. No more questions would''ve been raised on the topic had the club unveiled him as one of our own. In fact, I dare say, some on here would probably even have been getting carried away thinking of a top half/european spot finish.

  2. With Naughtonsigning on a season long loan, PL has said that his business is done for now . . . Which I''m assuming will be until at least January before we might see any new faces.

    So it looks like we''re going to be relying on Barnett/Ward/Whitbread as our main centre backs. Looks like De Laet will probably be deployed as primarily centre back in this case. Although I have every faith that the 3 lads already here can do a good job for us, I would''ve liked to see another centre back come in to at least give more competition if not someone with experience to help out.

    I just hope we can tighten things up back there because we can''t concede as many as last year and get away with it this time. Still think we''ll be fine though! :-)


  3. Good . . . He''s a youngster that''s come through our system. What gives Man City the right to think they can take one of our bright prospects for nothing just because his family is relocating up North. We''re still entitled to some kind of compensation. If he''s going to leave us, we may as well get something for him. Well done McNally and co.

  4. [quote user="itsnowornever"]Have you actually read the standard of the two teams we are playing, hey lets start competing with teams with some pedigree. we may as well stayed at home and played teams like gorleston !!!!!!![/quote]

    It''s meant as a run-out in order to improve match sharpness and fitness . . . the players don''t need to be playing competitive games just yet. Once they''re at peak fitness they''ll be ready, and then they can really test their wits against decent opposition (Zaragoza, Parma etc)

    These games are just so the players can get used to playing together and get them gelling as a team.

  5. [quote user="CantonsHero"]

    I think there''s an element with the newly promoted teams where they''ve put a lot of players in because they''re unsure of which ones will make the squad. Players like Wes will play all games for Norwich whereas Giggs and Wilshere will not for ManU and Arsenal (is the thinking), hence Wes may score relatively similar points.[/quote]

    I somehow don''t think we''re going to be seeing Hoolahan playing every game for us this season. I think we''ll deploy wingers in a 4-4-2 with the likes of Crofts/Fox/Johnson in the centre. Or maybe 2 holding midfielders in a 4-2-3-1 where he could play in behind Holt/Morison. I think he''ll be used for specific games dependant on formation and may even come off the bench from time to time to try to turn a game perhaps.

    Time will tell but I have my doubts as to how effective he will be in the prem. I know I may get shot down here, and don''t get me wrong, I absolutely love the guy, he''s been massive for us. But at times he seems a little lightweight and gets knocked off the ball a little too easily. I just worry that he won''t be strong enough to compete physically with the likes of Wilshere, Essien, Toure etc etc. Hope he proves me wrong though!!

  6. I''m of the opinion that the ideal number would be somewhere between 32,000-34,000 capacity. That would really set us up nicely to compete and fulfil our potential as a top-flight club, certainly for the forseeable few years at least.

    By my reckoning, that would be accomplished by just adding the extra tier on top of the city stand, and hopefully getting rid of the ghastly holiday inn and building a corner infill, mirroring the infill between the Jarrold and N&P stand. Between them, that should add an extra 5-6k seats.The ground would look superb, and the atmosphere inside would be fantastic.

    I''ve been working on some sketches of what the ground could look like, I''ll try to post them up once they''re finished.

  7. What about Steven Taylor from Newcastle?

    Not sure whether he is still a regular in their side, would be surprised if he isn''t though. I know he was highly rated prior to their relegation, but don''t seem to hear about him as much these days. Young, competitive and plenty of prem experience. . . Might be worth a cheeky bid??

  8. Yeah i would love to see him here too, i really do rate him. Although i think the wages would be our biggest stumbling block. No doubt he''ll want a sizeable and fairly lucrative deal, probably more than we would be willing to offer, and i can''t see us matching what wolves or any other prem club could and probably would offer him.

    Would absolutely love it if we somehow could pull this off but can''t see it happening. Prove me wrong PL!!

  9. Breaking news on sky sports news is that Wolves have had a aid of 7 million accepted for Roger Johnson.

    Not quite the sums that some people were throwing about on here a few weeks ago. I''d be surprised if a bigger club doesn''t go in for him at that price.

    Supposing we had 7 million available to spend, would you want us bringing him in as the final piece of our jigsaw at that price? Could be our one ''marquee signing'' i guess.

  10. What about NCFC or even on the ball city in some form of tribal lettering.

    Doesn''t look obvious, but no doubt people will ask what it means, at which point you can enlighten them.

    Nothing worse than a really obvious club tattoo like a club crest or team name etc. Looks awful IMO. Personally i''m not a fan of any tattoo, but if I had one, it would be a subtle one.

  11. Well if this is true and he is signed, then that''s great. But let''s just hope that there is no permanent damage from the leg break he suffered and that he makes a full recovery. I trust our medical staff will make sure this is the case before he''s signed up.

  12. Sorry but that Nantes kit is god awful in my opinion!! Would much rather our new one any day of the week.

    The only thing I''m not keen on with ours is the extra yellow sections between the green and white trim. For me it would''ve looked better with just green and white trim. Apart from that though, I think the kit is excellent.

  13. So seeing as how we''ve got posts with the best and worst topics . . . how about this one:

    You can pick a starting XI plus 7 subs by combining players from both the 04/05 season and this season. Obviously as we haven''t got the season underway yet, we will use last season''s performances to judge our current players, including new signings. Any formation and combination you want. Let''s see what everyone comes up with . . .

    Here''s mine . . .


    R. Martin Barnett Ward Drury


    Bentley Huckerby


    Ashton Holt

    Subs: Ruddy, Whitbread, Tierney, Crofts, Bennett, Vaughan, Morison

    Now I know that in reality, Ashton and Holt are too similar and probably wouldn''t be the best strike partnership, but I just couldn''t leave either of them out!! And the choice of Drury at left back is based on the 04/05 season, not now obviously!! Tough one to leave Tierney out though!

    Ok your turn!! :-)

  14. Oh c''mon. . . . Seriously??!!

    What''s the point in making out like you have a solid source when you''re just regurgitating someone else''s rumour that has no foundation or proof? Apparently going by the original source, the news should have been published in the papers today . . . but funny, no mention of it anywhere else.

    I''d love for this to be true and actually happen, but don''t waste people''s time or build hopes up on the main message board unless you''ve actually got something. A thread like this should be in the transfer gossip section of the board at the top . . . that''s what it''s there for.

  15. Thanks for the info guys . . .

    Unfortunately I live and work in London, doing all kind of crazy shifts, meaning that a season ticket is difficult for me to take full advantage of, even though I very nearly got one anyway.

    I''ll get in touch with the ticket office and try and get SM''s for me and my girlfriend . . . And try to get to games whenever I can and am back in Norfolk.

    Thanks again guys! :-)

  16. Does anyone knows how the supermembership scheme works?

    Can anyone sign up for a supermembership or do you have to have been a regular member for a certain length of time first or attended a certain amount of games before being able to obtain one? Looks like it''s going to be the best chance of getting hands on tickets for non-season ticket holders.

    Any useful info welcome! :-)

  17. Well . . . Can''t see his wages being particularly cheap!! But would be decent cover/backup for Holt as a target man. Surely that would spell the end for Wilbraham though.

    Despite the fact that he''s such a massive name, I don''t feel excited about this link at all . . . I''d much rather see us go for the likes of Mackail-Smith or Maynard, hungry, hard-working players with something to prove and chomping at the bit for a crack in the big boys'' league. But we''ll see . . . it''s all just speculation at the end of the day. Who knows what surprises King Lambert will spring.

  18. Hi all, now before I get shot down by the forum Police, I know there''s a lot of threads flying around about him or with him mentioned already. But I thought I''d post this up. Quite a lengthy interview that I stumbled upon, and the failed transfer to Norwich gets mentioned too. Seems like he really was genuinely disappointed to miss out.

    He seems an incredibly honest and genuine professional. Hard-working too. I for one, would be more than happy to see him in a Norwich shirt come August. Would fit very well into the team mentality and one thing''s for sure, you know he''d give everything for the club.

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