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  1. According to media reports this morning, Newcastle have gone in with a bid of 10mil for Liverpool''s young winger Sheyi Ojo. Is it just me or does that not sound suspiciously like the 10mil they were prepared to give us for young Jacob?

    Don''t know much about Ojo tbh but this sounds to me like Benitez might now be looking elsewhere if Webber and co. have stood their ground over the asking price. Fingers crossed he stays!


  2. Hi all. Apologies if I''ve missed it but couldn''t find another thread about how he got on yesterday. Unfortunately I didn''t get the chance to watch the game and only caught the highlights. What were your thoughts on Vadis'' first start for us this season? The little I saw he seemed to have done well in the first half, some nice touches/passing and a keen eye for goal. I hope he gets a bit of a run to show what he can really do. Seemed to have a bit more of a presence in the midfield than Howson.

  3. Get in there! Finally a goal to show for their efforts! Playing brilliantly and no less than we deserve.

    How fantastic has Rudd looked by the way? Commanding his area well, great distribution and looking full of confidence. I''ve always been a John Ruddy fan, but judging by this I think giving Rudd the chance to show what he can do with a few games in the first team would not be a bad thing at all!

  4. I think the likelihood that he has a buyout clause is next to zero. Why would they come out with such a strong statement about him not being for sale if they know that should a bid come in matching the release clause, they would have no choice but to accept.

    I think the possibility of Norwich have been given encouragement that the deal could still happen by his agent etc is more likely.

  5. The latest news coming from Italy indicated that the two Italian CEO''s are meeting today to iron out the final details of the proposed loan move to Bologna, but that Destro still hasn''t signed and could still change his mind and opt for the Premier League.

    Sounds unlikely that we''ll be seeing him at Carrow Road but it''s not quite a done deal yet . . .

  6. I don''t know enough about him to be able to judge. But to be fair, if that quoted 6 million euro figure is accurate, I''d say that''s shrewd business. Roughly works out to just over £4 million and for that kind of money, what have we got to lose?

    Would rather this than someone like Gestede who would have cost at least double that and is just as much, if not more of a risk than Mbokani. We''re never realistically going to have the financial clout just now to bring in a proven Prem Striker which would cost in excess of 10 million at the very least. I think we have good options with Jerome, Grabban, Hopper and RVW already. Throw Mbokani into the mix and I think we''re well set, albeit I wouldn''t be surprised if either of the latter two was moved on. Hope not though.

    Hopefully the relatively low fee quoted would also mean that we have good money to put towards a quality centre back. Still wishing for van Dijk . . .

  7. [quote user="KoromaCrab"]I thought Van Dijk was going to be the guy Norwich were aiming for?

    Then again, would he leave Champions League football for Norwich?[/quote]

    Swapping Scottish football for the Premier League, yes most definitely . . . Choosing us over a more established and reputable Prem team with likely prospects of Europa League qualification or establishing himself to then go on to a ''big'' club, far less likely IMO.

    I hope we are seriously looking at him, but if the likes of Everton and Southampton are interested, the only way we''re likely to get him is by acting quickly. I think he''ll more than likely move, but not until the end of August once Celtic have played their CL qualifiers.

  8. Grabban has looked poor imo. Not convinced he''ll have enough quality to do well enough in the Prem, but I hope he proves me wrong. Would''ve liked to see RVW or Hoops being given a run out for the last 20 or so today. Hopefully they''ll get plenty of game time over the last two fixtures to show how up for it they are. Grabs just doesn''t convince me.

  9. I''d be very surprised if the fee quoted is the full 6mil up front, more likely around 4/4.5mil with add-ons and possibly a sell on clause too. Hull aren''t going to openly say that though as they want their fans to think that they have got the best possible deal for him. Bruce can try to talk up the price as much as he likes, but Brady has 12 months left on his contract and if he wanted to sign a new one I''m sure it would have happened by now. Hardly a strong bargaining position for Hull!

    For what it''s worth, I think this will be a great signing. As said by others, has plenty of Prem games under his belt, good crosser, versatile and will add plenty of quality down the left flank in either a defensive, or midfield capacity. Easily one of Hull''s best performers over the past couple of seasons. I''ll be extremely happy if this one goes through!

  10. Wickham for me is a bit of a strange one. Has all the attributes to be a quality striker, but since leaving 1p5wich he has flattered to deceive somewhat, apart from the little purple patch he went through when Sunderland had the late surge of form that ultimately contributed to our relegation from the Prem. he doesn''t seem to have delivered on his potential and hadn''t even managed to cement himself as a regular starter for Sunderland.

    Clearly there''s some talent in there somewhere, so for me it begs the question as to whether he has the right attitude. If we could get him in for circa £5mil which I doubt very much would happen, and Alex Neil felt he had the right mentality, then I would be happy with it. But I have my doubts over the latter and I don''t see him being the type of personality that Alex Neil seems to like. Obviously I could be well wide of the mark, but it''s just my personal observation and opinion on him.

    Afobe I haven''t really seen play much, but sounds highly rated and I would trust the Club''s judgement.

  11. Up until now I''ve really liked all our Errea kits, excluding last season''s black and burgundy away shirt. This is truly dogs**te though! God I hope the away kit is a better effort, but on this evidence I won''t be holding my breath!
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