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  1. The club are very likely to be helpful - 18 months ago I took a set of shirts from the League 1 season, donated by the club, to Zanzibar (there was an article in the Pinkun), where a local team still wear them!

    Pretty sure NCFC sent lots of shirts out to Sierra Leone around 10 years ago - is it possible to search the official site that far back?

  2. Long way away I know, but thought some might be interested, especially given the usually high demand for away games in London.

    Fulham have a ''neutral'' section nextdoor to the away end, which may as well be an extension of the away section. Tickets go on general sale there a week tomorrow, but if you know Fulham members/season ticket holders you can get them now. Being in P4 you may as well be in the official Norwich block


  3. So how does this ''last man'' thing work then? If you are the last defender before the goalie, you are the last man, despite the goalie having a chance to save any shot (eg Barnett last week). If you are the goalie but there is a defender on the line, is the goalie no longer the last man, even though the defender has a smaller chance of stopping any shot?Pilkington was on the line,but based on the Barnett example Ruddy must also be the last man. Did we need two players on the line?I''m confused...

  4. Some of you may remember a few months ago I came on here asking for some advice on how to get some old shirts from the club to give to a team I am supporting in Zanzibar called Vijana Leo - everyone was very helpful in wishing support and many offered their old shirts (an offer I would love to take you up on in the future!).Anyway, I sent an email to the club and they kindly offered some shirts from the League One season. I bought some shorts, socks, shin pads and shoes, and took them out to Zanzibar in June/July.So here is the result - a brief interview with the man who runs the team, Yussuf Hamad, and some pictures from the time I handed the shirts over, and the team together. When he says that the donation from NCFC means a lot to the team and the surrounding area, he really means it. Hopefully the pictures will work...

    Vijana Leo is the local football team of a village called

    Wingwi Njuguni, part of the a region in north-east Pemba called Wingwi

    (c.25,000 residents). It competes in the first division of the Pemba league,

    one rung below the Zanzibar Premier league.  


    Can you

    tell me about Vijana Leo?

    Vijana Leo is a local club here

    in Wingwi which was established in the 1970s. It is one of the two big teams which

    we have here in Wingwi – we have almost 13 teams, but only two big teams in the

    region – Vijana Leo and Imara.

    What does

    Vijana Leo mean to the people of Wingwi?

    When you are talking about a

    football symbol in Wingwi, then you are talking about Vijana Leo. The people of

    Wingwi, when it comes to football, are best represented by Vijana Leo, because

    it is playing much better football than other clubs in the region. And it means

    the same to the community, bringing the whole community together. Though there

    are many other small clubs in Wingwi, when it comes to national tournaments,

    the whole of Wingwi joins hands with Vijana Leo.

    What do

    the shirts which Norwich City have given to Vijana Leo mean to the team?

    They mean a lot, and we believe

    that the people of Norfolk and Norwich are very kind to help us, and we are

    more than glad to receive those kits from Norwich City. It becomes the first

    club here in Zanzibar to get original football kits from the English league –

    there is no other team in the UK which has helped local clubs in Zanzibar. But

    Norwich did this – it is historic, and memorable. The people of Wingwi are all

    very thankful for this help. I want to thank Norwich City Football Club for

    their help to us, and I wish them all the best in the Premier League this

    season. We are joining hands with them, and they have more supporters right now

    in Pemba, and especially Wingwi. We are all supporting Norwich; previously

    people were supporting clubs like Manchester, Liverpool and Chelsea, but for

    the first time we have some supporters of Norwich City, in Wingwi, and in



  5. Looks good, let''s hope it''s true.Just wondering though, any I may well be wrong, but it seems as though we will have 3 or 4 support strikers and only one target man. At the moment, who will replace Holt if he goes down? Vaughan or Morisson? Are they that sort of striker?

  6. Looks like a tense last day for 5 teams next Sunday. Just wondering who you reckon and want to go down.I want the strongest/richest teams to go down, so making life a little easier for Norwich next year. So Birmingham and BlackburnAnd I don''t like teams which can''t fill their stadium in the Premiership. So Blackburn and Wigan. I also like Blackpool, so would like them to stay up.Who do I think will go down? No idea...

  7. Yes I love Tierney as much as anyone else, and it is great to see his passion for the club. That said I have seen interviews with Benoit A-E and he seems like a decent bloke - he was just being honest - he wants to make a living and set himself and his family up for the rest of their lives, and not pretend that he has a superficial attachment to a particular club (this isn''t suggesting that Tierney does, of course) when he doesn''t
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