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  1. Iv heard on the old grape vine Clingan is a good as gone, agreed somthing with Fulham as i understand and Lee looks set to stay permanently. Who do we think will stay and who will jump ship???
  2. Lee over Cort all day long. He obviously has talent so if they can come to some sort of pay-play contract that might suit both parties id give him a chance, but use him sparingly to avoid injury, maybe as cover for Lee or a sub for 15mins at the end of games
  3. I just want to come to the defence of Gunny as I''ve noticed some people posting on here are giving him an unnecessarily hard time. Obviously he diserves some criticism given the current situation, but people questioning his status as a true Norwich legend and his commitment to the club are fickle and idiotic beyond beleif. In this day and age it is unbelievably rare to find people working at football clubs who are truely passionate about them. This includes players, manager, board members or coaching staff, given how money driven the game is actual love for a team is given a backseat. When he retired he could have gone off done his badges and attempted a career in more appealing roles in managment and coaching e.g. Bowen, Culverhouse, Robins, Crook, Butterworth etc. Instead he stayed at the club he loves a worked in much more uninteresting roles like head of advertsing and player recruitment. Although i cant say for sure he would have been successful moving away from Norwich or that any oppotunites like that would have been offered to him, i know for a fact he stayed because of his loyalty to NCFC and that he wanted to be involved in anyway he could. The board appointing him was obviously unsuccessful, they seemed to think it would have the ''Alan Shearer at Newcastle'' affect to galvanize the club. It didnt, it was the cheap option. Nevertheless he did what he could with a poor, uninterested, out of form squad and with little to no experience of team managment. If you look at the satff and players he brought in it is not difficult to see what his philosophy was. Crook and Butterworth, NCFC people with good league coaching experience. Lee wanted to come to the club and always looked commited (i''ve never a seen a player so soaked in sweat as he was at the Reading game). Although Shaks was another loan, he owes alot to the club and was solid. McDonald was given his chance and always looked commited and eager to impress, whether he has the talent or not we will see next year. He also gave the young players a chance.  To me it seemed like with the limited resources he had he was briniging in the right type of people with the right attitude and for me attitude and commitment was the main thing missing in the squad. Obviously it was unsuccessful and i personally dont want him to keep the job either. The fact is the board put him there, in the deep end, mean the blame predominatly lyes with them. Gunn went about it with the right intentions and the right way, but jus lacked the managirial talent and experience to pull it off. Jus my opinion...
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