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  1. Lets chant that to roeder on sunday! See if he can handle it or not [:D]
  2. 1 Portsmouth v Bristol City 2 Sheffield Wednesday v Fulham 3 Preston North End v Liverpool 4 Birmingham City v Wolverhampton Wanderers 5 West Ham United v Barnsley 6 Middlesbrough v Barrow 7 Hull City v Newcastle United 8 Hartlepool United v Stoke City 9 Chelsea v Southend United 10 Manchester City v Nottingham Forest 11 Cardiff City v Reading 12 Ipswich Town v Chesterfield or Droylsden 13 Charlton Athletic v Norwich City 14 West Bromwich Albion v Peterborough United or Tranmere Rovers 15 Torquay United v Blackpool 16 Leyton Orient v Sheffield United 17 Southampton v Manchester United 18 Millwall v Carlisle United or Crewe Alexandra 19 Histon v Swansea City 20 Forest Green Rovers v Derby County 21 QPR v Burnley 22 Leicester City v Crystal Palace 23 Tottenham Hotspur v Wigan Athletic 24 Morecambe or Cheltenham Town v Doncaster Rovers 25 Arsenal v Plymouth Argyle 26 Notts County or Kettering Town v Eastwood Town 27 Bournemouth or Blyth Spartans v Blackburn Rovers 28 Macclesfield Town v Everton 29 Watford v Scunthorpe United 30 Sunderland v Bolton Wanderers 31 Coventry City v Kidderminster Harriers 32 Gillingham or Stockport County v Aston Villa
  3. What tie do you think stands out most? I don''t think there is one [:D]
  4. ...We should protest if we get beat by ipswich!! It is a no brainer if roeder can not produce a single win against our arch rivals then he doesn''t deserve the job!  
  5. ... are you ready to feel presure!!!!!   I hope he realises that is Norwich get beat by Ipswich that he is going to hae soo much presure!!
  6. Our  results must soon improve before december the 31st or Roeder must go! I am not to sure about Roeder already but I''m really concerned if the board give him the change to look in the transfer window in january! In my opinion he is not up to the job any more. He did well to keep us up last year but its time for a change. Bring home the watford EX due boothroyd and mackay! they would have passion and the fans would love it! 
  7. I''m a norwich season ticket holder and when I watch the game I look at the players and I think that only 5 or 6 are passionate about playing for norwich!   Marshall, Drury, Russell, Clingan, Croft these are the only players that I think that try there best week in week out. Why do they have to play with players like Lita, Sikierski who; a) are only loanees and really dont care about the club and b) are on huge wages so dont care because at the end of the day they still get there £££''s Roeder is not passionate about Norwich he doesn''t really care listening to his interviews at the end of every game on RADIO NORFOLK! The only passion at norwich at the moment is within the youth team and the young kids who are born and bread in NORWICH! Come on Roeder give them a change its what the fans want and if it doesn''t work and we get relegated at least we go down with pride and passion with OUR players not your mates (other club managers) players.
  8. I want number 49 because leicester will beat dannenham, and i lve leaicester because my cousins live there and its greatt fun!!
  9. in what order do you think the player go on the team sheet?    
  10. OK SO WE ARE A LITTLE IMPATIENT BUT DOES ROEDER NEED A LITTLE BIT OF TIME OR IT IS TIME NOW TO PUSH THE BOARD TO GET ''IM OUT??   Im a huge norwich fan but hate to see us not doing well... I feel as a norwich fan we get 1 or 2 years of good football then followed by 5 or 6 of poor stuff which leaves the fans angry so far since the prem we have had 3 seasons of bad times so in 2010 - 2011 should be the year we do much better [Y]   Also a little message to barnsley and cureton - when he starts scoring dont be supprised if roeder wants him back - Roeder also let the young guns down today by not letting more of them on loan!!   whats the point in haveing them at the club if they aint gona play games?? Roeder you need to think about these things to turn your troubles around mate!    CANT WAIT FOR 2010-2011 [;)]     OTBC
  11. y did u only let 1 player go on loan?   u should have sent rudd eagle smith adeyemi lathorpe etc   go on loan then next year we will have our OWN team!   im losing faith in you roeder   COME ON MAN SORT IT OUT! [*]   CHRISTMAS IN LIKE 28 DAYS [;)]
  12. you can do anything related to football at all   Neil warnock - colin  w@nk3r
  13. harry redknapp has officiall anounced that he would be very intrested in signing him   they got the money   so cya marshy!
  14. All pinkun viewers vote and see who gets the most.   David marshall for me he keeps us in every game with at least 1 world class save KEEP IT UP DUDE!
  15. I watched the game today on Sky and from what I saw these are my own personal ratings of each player. I dont think the performance was very good but im not going to moan at the win[:D]   [*]MARSHALL[*] 9 - without him today we would have lost and would have had nothing to show for it. Brilliant saves and his best one of the day from the freekick when he saw it late. Omozusi 5 - he didn''t do much today and was caught out of position a few too many times and deserved to be substituted. Doherty 6 - he did all he had to do with minimal fuss but was sent off after 20 minutes for a last man tackle Kennerdy 6 - he did what he had to do and was like kennerdy always is Bertrand 6 - lucky to be playing today because of his performance vs swansea, but he like Omozusi was caught out too many times for a premiership player. Croft 8 - he ran his socks off today and put in a cracking ball for the own goal. Clingan 8 - up against his former team he played well and was versatile to move to defence later in the game Hoolahan 6 - was unable to do anything in his time on the pitch but in his best position and can''t wait to see more of him from that position Pattison 7 - scored a goal and had a good flick to start a build up for the second. He would have liked to contributed more though. Bell 7 - played the ball for norwich 1st goal and that was about it was unable to get into the game playing on the left side of midfield. Lita 5 - he was useless today chased nothing and looked bored as if he didn''t was to be there. He was poor with his back to goal and not worth paying £25,000 a week for, would rather have seen lupoli play! 
  16. ...december 24th then sack him so he can have a better christmas [:D]
  17. The poster of the year?? The Post of the year?? The worst Post of the year??  
  18. if you could get rid of 1 player from the starting 11 who would it be? marshall semi doc kennerdy berty croft clingan rusty bell lita lupoli??
  19. thats our aim this season as well as staying up   next season we need to get in early!! have all points deducted and then get on with season!
  20. norwich are not playing to their best at the moment so if fans sing from start to finish this could boost the chances of a better performance.   Many fans who sit in the norwich and peterborough would be prepared to sing so my idea is... ...put all fans who will sing in the barclay upper and lower and then if there are more people start filling up the snake pit and continue around into the city stand. this would build up such an atmosphere which most fans will never have experianced and could boost the team!!!   "So come on city fans get behind your team" the words of the anouncer!
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