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  1. Jarvis'' corners last night were absolutely appalling he put all his balls to the first scunthorpe man at the near post or to the edge of the box to murray or doherty who lets face it are the worst central defensive pairing we have ever had and he laboured slower than my nan would over to the corner flag wen time was running out and people say he is a promising young player then again what alternatives do we have turd face brellier, hurry up and get back jimmy smith we need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now that QPR have sacked gregory surely this just confirms we will lose to them next monday not only is it televised by sky but they are managerless and managerless teams do better normally in times like this so another defeat after the defeat 2moro night and grant will definetely be gone into the sunset

  3. i just saw the game today on sky and we were shite the final ball was missing all night long (tbh it has been all season) sheff wed fully deserved to win and i cant really remember a clear cut chance unless u count that poor doherty header rite at the start, we r goin down the table at an alarming rate and at this rate will end up in league one

  4. No mate preston didnt reach the play offs last yr an awful end of season run cost them, the majority of cardiffs pts came when they were running away with it at the start after that they tailed off to mid table obscurity and palace were as incosistent as us, finally hull were one of the worst teams at home so where ur getting ur facts from i dont know but u need a new source of info we shud have beaten cardiff and hull comfortably.

    Also wolves had just been soundly beaten by sheff utd and also at home to hull before we went to molineux and we cudnt even get a save out of their keeper showing how poor we are.

    Stop trying to make up positives for our season so far we have been very very poor even the wins over soton and palace were lucky and unless we get at least 7 or 9pts from the next 4games agenst teams that maybe down the bottom grant has to go

  5. [quote user="Dionysus"]

    Overall this was the worst performance I have seen for a long, long time and a reminder of why I don''t attend away games very often. Highlights were the good-looking dancers at half time and the choruses of ''We''re sh** and we know we are''.


    i have to agree with u the fit dancers was the only good thing to come out of that trip

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