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  1. I have long had a dislike for wolves after we played them in the FA cup in the 80s at wolves, we drew 1-1 greg downs or was it kevin bond scored a belter for us, on the way back to the train station a load of wolves fans were stood waiting at a subway entrance it was obvious what was comming next, got a good beating. if i remember right we lost the replay at carrow road.The days of the football special train and standing

  2. if our allocation is 3000 as others have said ,this means we get the corner stand 1700 and half the stand behind the goal and no more as the other half of the stand is already allocated to leeds and have been selling tickets for this area for a while now, looked on leeds website to buy tickets .still 3000 should make for a good atmosphere.and better than just the pokey corner stand

  3. oh my god ! i sat in M block yesterday (hartlepool) and yes i heard them, a small band of people at the back "singing were the jarrold " the stewards were deciding whether to eject the noisy bounders........please keep it up would be great to hear the whole stand singing like the championship winning year .

  4. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]

    I thought he looked committed in the tackle, has a decent throw and passed the ball ok.   His goal was a bonus although the keeper went the wrong way completely and should have really saved it.

    Positionally he was not great,  and lappin did have to cover for hima  couple of times and as far as attacking play went we missed drurys contribution.

    But a sound enough debut :-)  

    [/quote] it would have been some save, as he nearly burst the net ,cracking strike .great debut in a tired looking norwich

  5. i remember in the 80 s we used to run football specials trains to the odd big game great atmosphere remember going to man city in the cup just after john bond left us for man city, lost 6-0 ! the lady on the train had a steady queue for egg sandwitches washed down with a hidden bells whisky or two .wolves, yoevil to name a couple of others happy days
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