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  1. I discovered this forum when we were in the middle of our promotion season. Here I was, in Somerset with no-one to celebrate with, when all of a sudden there was access to a site where reasoned and healthy debate was the norm.

    Obviously, at the time things were on the up for NCFC, Worthy was the greatest thing since sliced bread and we were on our way to the promised land. When we there in the Prem, we lost some games but every week we were proud of the effort & endevor put in by the boys. 

    Since relegation, there has been an air of uneasiness on this board, back biting & sniping seems to be commonplace, and, if we can feel it on here, how must it be affecting the players during games?

    That said, I love this website, it provides a way to stay abreast of all things NCFC and also helps me through the working day.  Long may it continue!!

  2. Here we go again with the ''Worthy took us up and down again'' theory.  Two words, and I want you to listen & take note: Curbishley & Allardyce.  When they first took their clubs into the Prem, they were relatively inexperienced, they struggled but their fans & board kept faith with them.

    I''ve said it before on this thread, we are 3 points off the play-offs as it stands, is now really a good time to sack a manager? Who are we now, West Ham? Oh no, they stuck with their manager and look at them now.

    I know I could be setting myself up for a fall, what with the Luton result still to be known, but this is just how I feel at the moment.  OTBC.

  3. We are 3 points off the play-offs, what a good time to lose!!  In fact, what a good time to sack a manager, get someone new in (who doesn''t know the players,club etc), he takes maybe 6 games to get a win under his belt, we find ourselves 10 points or more off the play-offs and 1st Wiz, YC etc start calling for Worthy to come back. (OK, the last bit is a bit far fetched).

    A point tomorrow night would be a good result.

  4. Waghorn admits he used someone elses words, fine, I don''t read the Guardian so thanks for giving me the oppurtunity to gain a small insight into the relationships between players & managment.  Niall Quinn was a highly respected player and his words must carry some weight, has anyone on here played pro football and know better?

    It WAS a slow couple of weeks regarding NCFC, you only had to look at this board to see how little was going on, so it was worth printing IMO. 

  5. Well said Herb, although anyone can miss a penalty so I don''t think Hux deserves anyone''s venom.  On the other hand, it''s not Worthy''s fault he missed either so lay off him.  IF Deano & Hux had scored those 2 penalties we would either just outside or just inside the play-offs, as it is we are only 3 points from it anyway.

  6. Cup runs were great though, semi-finalists 3 times(Luton, Everton & Sunderland) in the FA Cup.  Winners of the Milk Cup in 1985 (beating Ipswich in the semis?), and I think I remember us beating Ipswich in the 5th round of the FA Cup in about 1983, Keith Birtschin scoring the winner, although that is a very hazy memory, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  Also, don''t forget 8-0 against Sutton in 1989, after they had just beaten Coventry in the 3rd round, still got the highlights on tape somewhere.

    Blimey, waffled on a bit there!  I guess my point is that the cups WERE magic back then, every competition meant something before money took over, and there were shocks in the early rounds.  Yes, Premiership football is important but I would love us to have a decent cup run this season.  See you at Birmingham!!


  7. There WERE people on this forum who stated they wanted us to lose to Ipswich, just so that Worthy would go.  I can''t remember names, so no mud-slinging here but it did happen.  So I don''t believe that ALL the anti-Worthy camp want us to do well, but I will concede that the majority do.

    A message of caution by the way, we are on the START of a good run, we should remain confident but not too cocky, pride comes before a fall. 

  8. Don''t people get it yet?  Stop moaning about "only" beating Hull, Brighton, Plymouth & Ipswich will you? You can only beat who you play on the day, yes we had a rocky start but it was a team which had yet to gel properly and re-adjust to Championship football.  I think some people thought we had a right to turn up and win every game, just because we were in the Premiership for one season. 

    This run has come at a perfect time for us, Reading aside (which we didn''t deserve to lose), you couldn''t ask for much more recently.  I''ve just heard Tony Gale say on Sky Sports that the Championship season is a marathon, not a sprint, we would all do well to remember this.

     I have confidence in Worthy, I think an automatic spot is a big ask now but I feel sure of a play-off position come the end of the season.  Before anyone accuses me of being an ostrich (See Tumbleweeds post on another topic), I''m not, I just feel we are turning a corner, Worthy is a relatively young manager and still learning, there will be mistakes along the way but let''s all get behind him.

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