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  1. Chicken, if you are going to quote me, then at least make your response slightly relevant to what I have written. If you can''t, then just go off and have a good cluck around the farmyard. I don''t recall ever having accused Worthless of abusing Greeno. No, I just accused him of a lack of sympathy and a somewhat detatched attitude towards the player. It all depends on your interpretation of his statements, and to a degree,  whether you like him or not I suppose. I shall stick to my original interpretation and no matter what you say, you will not change my mind.

  2. I would agree with all those who have criticised Worthless for his uncaring, almost callous attitude, as regards Greeno and what must have been a deeply upsetting and very painful injury for him. This should add to a growing list of black marks against the man and another good reason to terminate his contract as soon as possible. I should have thought a good manager in any sport or business  should at least put on a show of sympathy when an employee has problems, regardless of whether that show is genuine or not.

  3. England looked uncannily like Norwich to me. I must confess I was beginning to believe all the pre-tournament hype in the media about what a great team England are. I just knew the lads would prove everybody wrong once the World Cup started. There is no doubt England will have to play a hell of a lot better than they did in the Paraguay match, if they are serious about winning the much coveted trophy.

  4. I agree entirely, Herb. I think we might be able to persuade Martin to return, the trouble is though, the board don''t have the desire to sack the present incumbent at the moment. I wonder how many able and competent managerial candidates we will miss out on, before the board wise up to the sit-y-ashun?

  5. Blatter - he is Swiss after all, and how much does that tiny tinpot Nation know about football? There can''t be too many areas of land flat enough for football pitches, I shouldn''t have thought. Surely, it''s all (cue sweeping generalisations here) chocolate, cuckoo clocks, banking (or something that rhymes with banking, anyway), watches and mountains. The mountains are well worth a look if you have the time, though.

  6. Shedded, I thought my writing was usually reasonably clear and concise, but obviously not, as you misunderstood what I was saying. Please read my post again. The point I was making was NOT that big clubs consider Hucks good enough to sign, this should be obvious to even the most obtuse and myopic football spectator  - no, my SURPRISE was the fact that Hucks should turn down big clubs in order to stay at Norwich. Do you understand me now?

  7. What a lovely fellow! I thought these couple of quotes from today''s EDP were worth repeating: "But I like it here - I have had successes at other clubs, but I feel like I have a real bond with the fans, a real bond with the city, so I don''t see any point in me leaving that." In another quote he said: "I am very happy here and I intend to live here when I have finished playing, so my life is geared up around Norwich"

    The biggest surprise of all for me, was hearing that Hucks even turned down Celtic, as well as 10 Premiership clubs since he came here to City. What a star!

  8. You can only envy the sort of financial backing they must be receiving though, can''t you? Somebody must be planning for a future in the Premiership, no matter how outlandishly optimistic that may seem at the moment. Do they have a consortium funding this new stadium? Or is there some sort of grant from the local council or whatever? These stadiums don''t come cheap. While no end of small tinpot clubs have these new facilities built for them, we at Carrow Road have to make do with at least 5,000 seats too few.

  9. Winkelworld is the name the Mk Dons fans have given their new 30,000 seater stadium after Chairman Peter Winkelman. It''s most impressive too, especially for such a small club. It begs the questions: how on earth can they afford it? And how on earth will they fill all those seats in the 4th division? It could be ambition without prudence I suppose - they must be planning for a future in the Premiership.

  10. I should think that there''s a reasonable chance of Gallagher signing a new contract. With Greeno out injured for several weeks at the start of the new season, he must see an opportunity to establish himself as number one. Obviously, Gallagher runs the risk of losing his place once Greeno returns to full fitness, but it may well be a gamble he''s willing to take.

  11. Is it not quite difficult to achieve the right balance between expenditure on bricks and mortar and investment in the team, Mystic Megson? In a Utopian Abromavich style world, there would be ample funds available to lavish on both the team, and improvements to the stadium. Unfortunately here in the real world at Carrow Road some sort of compromise is necessary. Whether the club would be doing the right thing by constructing another tier onto the City Stand is difficult to predict. Obviously, if the team hit a downward spiral due to under-investment, then the stadium expansion policy could prove to be disasterous. I''m glad that I''m not involved in such major and far reaching decisions.

  12. I''m sorry, but you can''t knock the club for trying to improve the stadium facilities. The old South Stand was a badly decaying relic from the 1940''s/1950''s and was almost reaching  the point of being condemned. Therefore, it was pretty much a no-brainer to make the decision to build a new stand. The corner infill I would agree was a less essential development and quite expensive in proportion to the number of seats it added to the stadium. However, the club needed to do something about the problem of having nowhere near enough seats available to satisfy demand. Finally, I would say that despite improvements to the ground in the last few years, Carrow Road is still not big enough to accommodate everybody wishing to attend football matches there. Whether this will remain the case over the next few seasons, time alone will tell.

  13. If Dowie really did give Mr Jordan assurances that he would not leave Palace and go to their hated rivals Charlton, then he deserves to have a writ served against him. The trouble is, that if this was just a gentleman''s agreement, it is unlikely that Jordan will have sufficient proof to successfully sue I should have thought. Surely, it will be only Jordans word against Dowies and so therefore he is unlikely to gain his £1 million in compensation.
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