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  1. Colin Cooper is a centre half that was playing for Middlesborough.

    Somebody made a point about high paid Wolves players and wanting to sell Cooper to cope with the wage bill. Actually I would have thought it would have been the opposite. Get rid of the high wage bill players and keep the players on a more reasonable first division wage. Cooper might fit in the latter category in which case he finds himself back in with a job.

  2. I don''t have a problem with the layout of the board although some of the points raised about threaded conversations being available as expanded or non-expanded in a "Windows" directory style would be excellent.

    The big gripe I have is that I see a lot of SQL Server timeouts coming back when I try to access the message board. Are you reaching a state where you need to split your database across two servers behind your web server(s) perhaps? Or do you have a situation where every post is generating a trigger event in order to have it moderated?

  3. I happen to think that mine was the first game at home against Everton in the 1972-73 season - the first season that the Canaries had played in the top flight.

    I was 10 at the time and we had just got season tickets for their first season in Division 1.

    I even followed them to Wembley for their League Cup loss against Spurs in ''72.

    Last but no means least the club had a summer training camp in the grounds of the private school where I lived in Scratby. So I was fortunate enough to meet all the City stars at the time during their training camp - Stringer, Keelan, Forbes, Paddon, Foggo et al.

  4. Wanted to generate some discussion over the current squad now that City have gained promotion and wanted some help from the posters here in the forum.

    If City needed to strengthen the squad, some say they do, some say they don''t; but at what positions do they need cover?

    GK: Green, Crichton, Lewis - need another top keeper - don''t think so

    LB: Drury, Brennan, who else? Shackell tried but by all accounts had no success.

    RB: Edworthy, Fleming, Holt? - but where is the other cover?

    CB: Fleming, Mackay, Shackell, who else? Brondby came in for this position on loan but there have been no other signings to replace the loss of Kenton.

    LM/LW: McVeigh, Brennan, Huckerby, Cooper (permanent?), Easton

    RM/RW: Mulryne, McVeigh, Henderson, Cooper, Rivers (or is he gone?)

    CM: Holt, Francis, Mulryne, Cooper - if you have Holt and Francis injured who plays then?

    FW: McKenzie, Svensson, Huckerby, Roberts (last season?), Abbey (injury prone?), Jarvis

    Looking at that list I''d be most concerned about the centre back position as well as cover at right back. That said a couple of injuries to the motor men in the middle of the park might leave City a little short staffed.

    Who''s coming through from the reserves other than the current crop of Shackell, Henderson and Jarvis?

  5. I''m a Canary exile based near Dunfermline.

    I''ve spoken to Rob Butcher, Northern Canaries coordinator, a couple of times and he commented that there are a whole bunch of Canary supporters north of the border. He even suggested that a Scottish Canaries group might be in order.

    You can check out the Northern Canaries site on www.northerncanaries.com.

    On the ball City!!!

  6. Yeeeehaaaa!!!

    I won''t be the most distant poster here in the forum but living up here in Scotland I have to rely on all you other guys for the news and info that comes along.

    It''s been a while but we''re back in the big time!!!

    Now get that title City!!!

    A Canary in exile in Dunfermline

  7. DumbleD,

    You have to remember that for Rangers the season is all but over. Celtic have the title wrapped up and Rangers European journey ended long ago. I believe they have a huge wage bill as well and McLeish has deemed it a good time to clear house. Why he would want to get rid of Ross, however, is anybody''s guess.

    I don''t see why City wouldn''t be interested if that rumour were true. Mackay and Fleming aren''t getting any younger and getting in a player of international status would probably be a sensible move. He''s only 23 as well.

    A Shackell - Ross pairing going forward, why not?

  8. Unbelievable I know for a Canary fan to be asking for our local rivals to do us Yellows a favour, but.....

    A win from the old Tractor Boys tomorrow against the Baggies would do both teams a lot of good. The Blues need the result to get back amongst the mix in the playoff positions and a Blues win would also keep the Baggies three points back with the same games played.

    Of the rest of the chasing pack I have to say Sunderland are the team that I would keep an eye on. And remember we''ve still got to play them up there at the Stadium of Light. Not a bad ground to go to for all you travelling Canaries. I saw the England v Turkey match up there.

    So back to the topic, come on Town upset the Baggies.

  9. First off I can''t admit to seeing the game, but the comments already made here probably echo the feelings of a lot of England supporters.

    If there are going to be England friendlies why can''t the FA hierarchy use the friendlies as a method of trying out fringe players. To some extent Sven tried to do this but I don''t honestly think he gives anyone a chance. Dare I say Sutton!!

    Based in Scotland I''ve seen Thompson on TV quite a few times this season and whilst he doesn''t have bags of pace he does have a wicked "Beckham-esque" left foot. He seems the perfect fit for the troublesome left midfield spot. So here we are with the second friendly just gone and the poor bloke has only had 70 minutes to prove he''s worth a look.

    You can say the same of some of the other new faces that Sven drafted in: JL Samuel, Shawn Wright-Phillips, Jermaine Defoe. At least Defoe did enough to merit second thoughts.

    That said, I think going into this friendly Sven had already picked his squad. In fact, I think he has had the squad fixed for quite a time now. That''s a real shame for all those other players that have been putting in great performances this season who are probably deserving of a spot.

    I''d also agree that he does come across as too set in his ways tactically. 4-4-2 is the way it''s going to be played. Now it might be a diamond four in midfield but it''s still 4-4-2. Why didn''t he try 5-3-2 against Sweden with two wingbacks?

  10. Why not play Hux and McKenzie up front and force the rest of the team to try and keep the ball on the ground. The downside to having a target man in there at the moment is that the rest of the team believe that a swift punt up the park is the proverbial answer. That doesn''t work against teams that are going to have big central defenders and somebody man-marking Huckerby.

    Give the opposition something else to think about. Stop with the long ball and go for the ball into feet or beyond the fullbacks.

    I think, like several of those here, that McKenzie is due a start. With Roberts and Svensson off as options it might make the rest apply a different approach. Plus both Hux and McKenzie have bags of pace. Combine that with McVeigh and Cooper coming from midfield and you might have a speedy attack that brings some threat.

    Need the three points against Stoke. That 8 point gap to third doesn''t seem like much anymore.

  11. Why can''t you play Hucks in the questionable right-sided midfield role?

    Put McKenzie on up front alongside of Svensson.

    That would give you:

    Edworthy, Fleming, Mackay, Drury
    Huckerby, Holt, Francis, McVeigh
    Svensson, McKenzie

    That does leave Brennan sidelined which on his recent showings is probably a bad thing.

  12. Thank you Zipper.

    I''m going to take DumbleDelia to issue over the fact that it was never going to be a game in which nice attractive on the ground football could be played. I think it was a game in which that type of play would have worked and in fact, the short period in the second half when City did do that it DID work against the Albion.

    The Canaries just abandoned it too quickly and went back to the ole ball in the air ploy. That wasn''t ever going to work against three sturdy centre backs.

    Looking back at the game Worthington might have been better bringing on McKenzie instead of Mulryne when Drury went off. Then put both Huckerby and McVeigh out wide and get them to have go at getting around the back of the three defenders. Push McKenzie up alongside Svensson and get him to use his pace to feed off of Svensson.

  13. Having watched the West Brom game on the TV the other night is it just me who is slightly worried about the Canaries lack of guile?

    Yes, there was lots of huff and puff.

    Yes, there was another clean sheet.

    But there were a lot of long "hoof" it up the park passes and a distinct lack of guile and craft when it came to try and open up chances.

    Apart from a ten minute spell at the start of the second half when the Canaries did really zip it about on the floor there was a lack of creativity in all areas of the park.

    Three of our four defenders appear to opt for the quick hoof pass rather than a short pass into our creative players in midfield. The only defender who didn''t choose that as his first option was Drury.

    The Albion appear to have Hucks wrapped up nice and tight with their man to man marking scheme, but the Canaries didn''t try anything different to try and offer Hucks a chance to shine. They continued to knock the ball into his feet only for him to get creamed when he turned. Only once did they knock a ball beyond the defender and allow him to use his pace. At that point he was brought down.

    Now I will freely admit that I don''t get to see the Canaries very often living up here in Scotland, but a question for the rest of you posters in here - are they always like this?

    If they are then I''m severly worried that they''re not going to pull in the points they need against the chasing pack to keep them up the top. I sincerely hope they do but on this evidence I''m not convinced.

  14. Since the Huckerby deal appears to be in the final throes I thought I''d post an alternative transfer suggestion for all readers to digest.

    Why not attempt to sign the Scottish Under-21 midfielder Stephen Pearson from Motherwell?

    The lad has got bags of pace, a complete disregard for international ability or experience when he faces his opponents and is only 21.

  15. Hang on a second.

    I haven''t actually seen any words from Huckerby himself in any of the reports that are floating around. The person putting across the, supposed, point of view of Huckerby is his agent Smith. We''ve already seen some of what Hucks appears to think of this previously, when Hucks refuted Smiths claims about the Canaries being unable to afford his, Huckerby, services.

    Let''s face it the guy is an agent. He makes his money about of talking up the best deal that he can get. If that means stating that Hucks will stay at Man City then that''s what he''ll do.

    It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall of the room in which Hucks and his agent hold their discussions.

    If you were Hucks what would be your primary concern - playing football I would have thought. By all accounts he''s had a good time at City, perhaps that may sway his personal judgement over where he, himself, wants to go.

    Be patient.
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