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  1. [quote user="Fuzzar"]

    Daly, I''m sure the Grabban deal would have gone through had Pardew not pulled out of selling us Gayle, when Wickham picked up an injury in training. Selling Grabban to a direct rival without cover would obviously have been daft - I''m really not sure why people keep banging on about it. AN also appeared happy to loan out either Hooper or Lafferty.

    I''m pretty sure Grabban will get his move to Bournemouth in the January window if the Gayle deal can be resurrected, and that we''ll still get north of £5m for him especially if Bournemouth are in trouble.


    Gayle scored a hatrick last night. they may reconsider selling or hike the price a little (assuming he keeps some form between now and Jan)

  2. i''m surprised people think Stoke will have to much for us. It''s certainly a winnable game at home, and definitely one we should be getting points from if we want to remain in this league.

    expecting to be rolled over comfortably at home to the likes of Stoke isn''t exactly inspiring.

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