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Rich T The Biscuit

No passion, no pace and no composure

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Today was clearly one of the worst examples of a bad Norwich City as we have seen and that''s sayings something because there have been plenty over the last couple of years.

What disappoints me more is the complete lack of passion in the team, there''s only BJ that shows any passion and we have a captain who likes to point but never really seems to lead the team where it''s currently needed, on the pitch.

It''s clearly time to move on a number of the players, both centre halves have premier league experience but today you''d have thought that was the conference premier, basic mistakes were made by lots of players that really shouldn''t be making those kind lf mistakes, it was like they have never played with each other before,

Yes everyone seems to me making Whittaker the scapegoat and yes he was awful, but he was far from the only one to blame for today, I''ve mentioned the centre halves, Martin was just as bad as was Lafferty and Jerome, to a lesser extent maybe.

AN has to take some responsibility though, the amount of times we got exposed to paced breaks because we had to many players pushing on, I understand he likes to press high but that one works if you have some pace in the side at the back or the midfield, we have neither and Brentford exposed that time and time again.

I was impressed with Brentford, they played with a quick tempo, clearly spend a lot of time in training working on touch and movement, they were always looking for the space and the 21 (Pritchard) was superb, reminded me of a younger Wes. They proved you don''t need big names in your team to be successful.

AN needs to quickly do some work in the transfer market, my view is we need pace at the back urgently and it wouldn''t hurt to get some through the centre of our midfield also!

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