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lake district canary

Lack of backbone

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I''m perfectly willing to believe that every player we have on our books gives 100% to playing well and succeeding at Norwich. Amongst our players now there are some imo that show a distinct lack of footballing intelligence at times - the kind of intelligence that tells you when to get back, when to push forwards, when to get rid of the ball instead of fannying around with it, when to hold on to it to wait for support etc etc.   But with no spine to the team effort and even intelligence are not enough.

A strong captain may help and for all Ray''s defence of Martin on here, RM is no Grant Holt in captain''s terms.  But then you look at the central defence, central midfield and you see no spine to the team.   It has changed this season more times than in any season I can remember.   I  like RM at CB.  I think he and Bassong could make a great central pairing - and Ollson or Garrido perfectly adequate left backs and Whittaker plus one brought in would be good right backs.   Also on Martin - if he is captain he has to be CB imo.  

That to me takes care of defence and then  the defensive midfield - and for me there is only one candidate - Tettey.  Johnson just doesn''t have speed or mobility to catch fast opposition forwards (imo).

So in an ideal world for the spine of the team would be                        Ruddy       RB    Martin Bassong   LB                       Tettey                       Hooper                       JeromeIf a consistent spine like this was established and the players keep their fitness, we would be more consistent.  But whoever is picked we need stability and continuity in those positions, so as roles can be established and developed and if players need to come in to those places for any reason, they know their jobs and fit in straight away.   Too much of this season has been trial and error - with a lack of discipline and shape that has been alarming at times - as on Saturday.  Around that spine, we can fit in wide players and a creative midfielder in almost any combination that we have (three spaces available).

So - the right kinds of players in the right positions and keep them there long enough to establish consistency.  Consistency leads to a building of confidence amongst the players in a team.   Get the spine of the team right and the rest should take care of itself. 

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