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Expectation Myth from both sides

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I''ve read in the background on this forum that the team think they are better than they actually are, and that''s why it''s been an inconsistent season, as Norwich haven''t turned up at some matches due to under-estimating some opponents, or just not expecting it to be the hard game it turned out to be.

The is also the fans perspective it seems, they are expecting to win every single game now, when we don''t win, this forum gets crazy posts slating players, saying they just aren''t good enough.

Slating the manager, asking him to be out''d, calling him a novice, belittling any past doing''s because it''s the Scottish league, and any other slander I''ve read, some of it outright disgusting.

It''s that pure arrogance which annoys me on here, that we are better than the rest and we should be higher.

We are where we are, and we are there because of the 31 games we''ve played so far this season, and we''ll end up wherever the season has got us after 46 games, whether it top 2, top 6, or just missing out.

Perspective is required. Not blind ignorance/arrogance

Don''t moan about a team not showing up and not giving it their all, when the fans don''t seem to be either,

For the record, I am excited to see what Alex Neil does with Norwich, I think he will be a huge success, there is still a LOT to play for, and there will be more defeats to come before the end of the season, that''s just fact.

Get behind the team regardless, a strong vocal support has often been called the 12th man, and stop throwing a baby paddy every time it doesn''t always go to plan :P

Great win today!

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