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Craig Brown

Team Changes For Leeds Utd -

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If I were Neil Adams I would drop Johnson and drop Turner and bring in Howson and Hooiveld and Murphy. Now that Wes is out - bring Josh in..

Why drop Turner? I will tell you why because he was the one who gave the ball away which led to Fulham going up the other end and scoring. The Pinkun match report says Turner gave the ball away - which led to the goal. If Turner continues to make those sorts of mistakes - then he should be dropped.

It''s funny because I thought Turner was brilliant - but after reading he was the one who gave the ball away which led to the goal - I don''t think he is so great now. He must do better when he is in possession of the ball and make better decisions - his distribution needs to improve.

I know Turner is a threat from set pieces and corners - but I think Hooiveld could would be good from set pieces as well. I wouldn''t allow Redmond to take the free kicks anymore - because he keeps wasting his opportunities to put quality into the area for our strikers to attack the ball,

Why drop Johnson? He kept giving the ball away and against Rotherham he kept missing chances. Howson is a better all round midfielder than Johnson. Howson can defend - break up play - get forward attack and score.

Adams has made a big mistake letting go Bassong go to Watford - our rivals. I would bring in Hooiveld and partner him with Martin - or he could try Cuellar with Martin - or he could try Miquel with Martin. We need Ryan Bennett back that is for sure!!

Also when Lafferty is back from injury - perhaps try him with Jerome. To get the best out of Laffety Adams needs to play him in a central role - not on the wing out of position. Instead of having Grabban and Lafferty on the wing - Adams should put Josh Murphy on the left wing.

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What about Whittaker who came inside, leaving the goalscorer all alone to have a free shot? The main thing we have to have now imo is a team that have the best chance to get the best result, this does not include playing Grabban on the left or playing Tettey and BJ together doing the same roles. Turner is the best CB we have at the club so he needs to play (and he''s had a good season so far).

I''ve been saying for the last 4 games that we need to just have an midfielder to sit deep and protect and sweep up as at the minute we''re so naive in our play (my team from a few games ago below); we commit our midfield and strikers all at the same time and don''t seem to have an idea of being a team like we were at the start of the season where we played 3 in midfield with Tettey and BJ interchanging.






Although Lafferty can''t play on the left in a 4231, as we''d have midfielders to protect our defence, I hope Adams gives it a go.

The reason why Cuellar and Miquel haven''t featured is because they haven''t done that well when they''ve played in reserve/U21 games.

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