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I''ve spent 10 minutes searching Canaries.co.uk web site for the ticket buy back scheme as I wish to sell back my season tickets for the Leeds game. I have now given up.

If they want people to use this scheme, why not make it easy?

Also I''m not prepared to spend money calling on 0844 number.

Tried to send them a message and it won''t go because it claims there are invalid characters!

So if there are two empty seats in the lower Barclay it is not for want of my trying to sell them!

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Go to http://www.canaries.co.uk/tickets/season-tickets/Scroll down to this paragraph...
"Everything supporters need to know about

how to renew their 2014-15 season ticket will be detailed in this year''s

‘We Are Norwich’ season ticket presenter, which has been mailed out to

every season ticket holder - or click here to view a copy.

"Do what it says in that paragraph (ie. click the link to look at the pdf of the brochure)Go to page 5 of the pdf. Read point number 8.Do what it says on the page.Simples.

And basically... Yes you''ll have to phone the ticket office.

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