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So the time has come to judge. Over a quarter the way into the season and most of us feel somewhat deflated and disappointed.

Firstly, let''s try and assess some facts of the situation.

Can we all agtree that our squad is strong enough and of sufficient quality to get a win or two at home in games against the likes of Bournemouth, Birmingham, Rotherham, Charlton and Leeds?

Total points: 4. Available points: 15.  At Carrow Road, no less. Impossible!!!

Can we all accept that something is wrong in the State of Norwich City that not one of these games against an average bunch of opposition has resulted in three points into our coffers and that it is all becoming predictable and, sadly, mid-table, or worse.  

We rode our luck quite a bit and ended up top. Our luck has deserted us and we are dropping accordingly. I, for one, do not want to hear Neil Adams recant how we were so much on top in games but failed to cash in. Just work out why Mr. Adams, that''s your job so stop bleating.Few of us wanted him there in the first place after he (yes HE, not Hapless Hoots,) relegated us, but we were prepared to applaud him for trying to make the most of such very wierd McNallyism.

Keep this current inadequacy up and it will have to be bye bye bye Neil, drift back and continue your excellent work with the kiddies.

The man just seems stuck in mud at the moment making Johah-like decisions that fail to come off.

He was indeed , at least, seeming more the part with his  television personsona, but then we were top. How is he coming through to the players though because it seems to be that he must exude a fairly ineffective influece in the dressing room. We don''t seem to fight, we stroll.

In sum, we now have to doubt the man.

Anybody who feels my reaction is pre-emptive or knee-jack, just look at our last five home results. Anybody who thinks that I am a pant-wettter, consult my previous postings.

It seems that, despite early indications to the contrary, all fears abour a ;rookie; manager being appointed at such a CRUCIAL TIME are being realised and I, for one am beginning to imagine just what our tally would have been with a manager who has less to learn and experience on his side. 

THE NEIL ADAMS EXPERIMENT SHOULD BE UNDER THE CRITICAL MICROSCOPE from now on. He has made too many mistakes and we now have a Hughton situation of how long to keep him. Extreme? Yes. Fair? Yes. In a quarter of a season he has managed to turn Carrow Road into the Killing Fields of our,  hopes. aspirations and expectations.

Results apart, Excuses apart, I have not been happy with the Bassong situation and feel that this could have been dealt with  better. THE CLUB COMES FIRST and, whatever happened, the two of them managed to reduce the interesrs of our Club into inconsideration, and at a vast and pointless cost. Bassong might not be the brightest button on the officer''s blazer, but Adams is the maanger. He manged a situation which became a farce to the extent that our best central defender by some way has now been transported to a serious rival. Well done NA!Neil also seems a  bit of a spendthrift with our recourses. Compounding the wage-bill for central defenders (Bass. again), he then adds Hoiveld, Cuellar and Marquis but prefers Martin. A four million quid player hardly gets a kick and I would have liked to have seen O''Neill justify his move now, he can be useful.

BUT, this is team stuff. WE are down to results and only results.

I desperately want Neil Adams to succeed beacause I piss yellow, but tonight is not my night for happy-clappyism. The signs are there that he is not quite upto it and I feel that if this current run continues then a "Worthy Out" style rebellion will be on the cards.

We have so many advantages over most of our rivals this season. No team has an absolute right to concede, but COME ON ... 4 from 15 at the FORTRESS.

A few more disappointments Neil and I will be frotrhing at the mouth, peeing my pants and have come to the reluctant conclusion that our BOARD HAVE ONCE AGAIN GOT IT WRONG.

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