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how about......... the best game ever ?

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Hi everyone,

this is my first thread here, so if I did something wrong please let me know. I have registered here to present you a game that I''m working on with few of my friend. It''s called: Hools: Football Club Territory.

Now, we have working beta version with most of functionality, however we want to present it to greater audience to get feedback about idea itself and about playability. We already get some advises from tifo forums, however we hope that you could also give some hints.

So what it is?


Hools: Football Club Territory is a location-based mobile multiplayer game, which moves the competition between football club supporters to virtual world. You begin by registering a new club or joining an existing one. You can choose between being hools and ultras. The goal? To conquer and control districts within your city and beyond. For this you must train and equip yourself, so as always to be ready for a face-to-face encounter with the opposition.

If you have some time, please download it (it is free) and leave me a comment, it will help us a lot. Now we have only Android version, but we planning also to publish it for iOS.The game is under this address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solution314.hools

We hope you will like it, if so please like and share our facebook page:


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