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Actually simply put do we look like a former prem team?

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Certainly not.

We may have had a good defensive record away, with what we all agree is a make shift defence.

We have not broken down teams with the odd 1-0 win.

So do we look like a prem team that has come down with prem players... No

Do we look like a team that would bounce back up... Probably at the moment no... It is a long season and we are only a few places off 1 st but this division will do that to you. You need to be pulling away.

At the mo our players Russell Martin, Bradley Johnson, hoolahan, grabban look like championship players.

Somehow we are in the mix but it would be much nicer if we started to turn it around and play like a team that has conifer emcee and control in all areas of the park. At the moment we do not.

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