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of discussions regarding tactical awareness, can anybody on here throw some light upon the strange decision to substitute Lafferty for Jerome yesterday? Did Jerome get a knock?I, personally, see no point in the costly signing of Kyle Lafferty. A striker who rarely scores and and a wide-man he ''aint. He is also never far away from a booking or more.I had noted that Jerome had been prominent in defence, headwise, on two or three occasions  prior to his substitution and my mental reckoning was that his input would be missed. It was.Jerome scoeres goals. Lafferty doesn''t.We also have an expensive fully fit striker on the bench who''se reputation was built up as a goalscorer of some reknown. Why wasn''t Hooper brought on?Pearce went for it. Adams was static and clueless and then be-moaned his fate.


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