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Players who don't deserve the yellow shirt.

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Whilst much of our frustration is aimed at the manager and I do agree Adams the wrong choice for our current situation:, but maybe he was one for the future...the blame should also sit with the players. I feel that we have a collective squad full of talent, with players who have little or no affinity with the club. We have no leaders, no battlers and no passion. Think Keelan, think Forbes...Stringer the list is endless. The players we have now seem to be some sort of lethargic cut outs who pretend to be footballers whilst happy to take their wages..Is it just me ?..or are others starting to get sick of the the sky sports actors that are now turning out, pretending to care..I for one feel indifferent to the whole situation..its worrying to say but as a forty season die hard I am starting to feel the same about my club football as I do about the National team and the players who care not for England caps..disillusioned.

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