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Have rang Phelan and just told him straight up...... "Mike we'' made a bit of a c0ck up in appointing are best friend forever Neil, is there any chance you''d come in and we feel we have a good chance of returning to the premier league under your stewardship, But we don''t wish to look utterly clueless so would you come in and you will be the main man, teams, formation, subs everything, better pay, decent contract, ins and outs but we need you to keep Neil with you for all the media work etc"

Did Phelan honstly feel that after working with Fergie his next move should be assisting D.J Neil for us?? If so then he''s got a severe lack of h''ambition. He''s surely got to coming in to take the reigns and guide us up to the promised land woulf he of just sat watching today''s game with Neil and nodding away

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