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Ratings v Bournemouth please

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I''ve not seen a post on here regarding ratings v Bournemouth and since i only caught a few highlights on BBC, it would be great to have some opinions. Thanks.

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Ruddy - 6 - nothing to do

Whitts - 6 - same as usual, can''t pass or defend but make some good runs

Martin - 7.5 - comfortable on the ball bringing it out of defence

Turner - 8 - despite a obvious yellow card, he kept Wilson quiet during a nasty exchange of words throughout

Garrido - 5.5 - Half at fault for the goal, he closed the passer down when he should''ve backed off. Provided a great outlet for the switch on that left hand side but then wasn''t direct enough when receiving the ball

Redmond - 6 - great assist, this is exactly what he can do and what we want him to do, but does so little at the moment, but great cross as well as turn of pace. Major fault for the goal; he saw the attacker and let him go round the outside. (would''ve been a 5.5 had he not had the assist)

Johnson - 7 - Perhaps guilty of trying to play too intricate in the midfield (perhaps because it worked for the goal), but pretty solid and tried his best

Tettey - 9 - Strong in all areas of the pitch; energy, simple passes spreading play, tackling, heading; great you can''t fault the guy, the best defensive midfielder in this division by a mile.

Lafferty - 6 - Needs to get used to his role more and not get caught out, needs to be more direct, more clinical etc. He needs to pick up his form because he''s been getting worse each game. However, i''m inclined to give him a 7 for his banter

Wes - 7 - Tried his hardest, although he made a nasty, deliberate tackle, he got stuck in and tried his hardest when not much came off for the team. He still tries those awful quick free kicks, but he tried his best and was nice to see him doing the dirty work at crucial times, even if he couldn''t get things going too much going forward

Grabban - 8 - Another goal!! its nice to have a goalscorer back again, great finish. Only negatives if i was being harsh would be that he never attempts to header the ball when we go long, as well as in the last few minutes when he did well to track a winger down the line, but then decided to stop for some reason, could''ve been a goalscoring opportunity, but never mind.

My MOTM= Tettey, especially when he was chasing down their RB into the corner and the ball rebounded off in into touch letting out a loud; "OHH F*CK OFFF!" :)

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