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Interesting look at club performance stats

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The best defence so far then and described as:-


"Formidable. Allow few chances and withstand a lot of punishment."


Somewhat belies all the criticism of Whittaker and Martin that is bandied around, of RM at centre-back and of Garrido''s competence even  at this level.


Not saying I disagree with all the negative stuff and I would prefer Martin at right back, whilst not viewing Whittaker as being as bad as some make out and also being glad that a player of Garrido''s quality is essentially a back up.


The best stat. is, of course, that we have only let in three goals in the opening five league games and that one of those was a bit freaky in as much as the ref. still had his whistle in his mouth from starting the game.


As for ITFC, those stats would appear to make sense too and fit in with McCarthy''s general defensiveness and the consequent lack of forward intent in midfield (I visit TWTD as well [:(])

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