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time to come clean about our players?....

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you can get away with it when winning but when we lose I''m not sure you can get away with fabricating the truth about our players?

so Pilkington is "injured"....despite just tweeting that he''s fully fit?...so to apparantly are Bassong and Becchio??. I''d rather Adams just not mention them at all or just tell the truth rather than insulting peoples intellegence.

as for the Fer honeymoon situation,which has been well discussed on here and in my opinion quite scandalous that this was sanctioned and an additional week was taken away from pre-season preparation.........nobody can tell me that after a week of training he couldnt have been on the bench today?...again if he''s not part of the plans, say so....these players are on our payroll afterall.

as for the actual injuries to Hooper and Lafferty this past week....whats been going on in training here??

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