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Oh Neyal....

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First game away from home against a team with momentum from coming up and you:1. Play Johnson at the base.  A player who cannot pass and has no vision, yet you have him as the player picking up short balls to distribute from defence.  Really?2. Playing a winger who can''t shoot to save his own life up front.3.  Johnson, Surman, Hoolahan and Bennett. All of them part of the

squad that went up last time using the diamond formation, but we don''t have

momentum or Grant Holt in his prime this time. Not much progression there?4. Russell Martin preferred over tall, specialist centre back Bennett who finished last season looking good?

Should have been 4-2-3-1 all day long, two to cover the back four.  Johnson and Surman if no other options, at least Surman can pass and he would not have been exposed for pace on the left.  Bennett, Wes and Redmond running at defenders and creating a five man midfield in defence, with Grabban up top.  R Bennett in for Martin, who could have gone to right back as we wouldn''t have needed Whitakers pace as much as in a diamond.So simple.  But no, we go for a narrow formation with players out of position.Have we hired a radio commentator or a manager?

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